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    Their answer is blowing in the wind

    Spectrum, Published on 15/01/2012

    » Farmer Aiem Sompeng has just a rudimentary education, but curiosity and necessity drove him to design the energy-producing wind turbines that are now a landmark in his village of Dongyang, in Yasothon's Maha Chana Chai district. Like many rice farmers in the northeastern province, the 66-year-old Mr Aiem was trapped in debt incurred by the high costs of fertiliser, pesticide and electricity needed to run irrigation pumps, as well as uncertain prices for his crops.

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    'Alif the unseen': A Cross-Cultural harry potter for the web set

    Spectrum, Published on 15/07/2012

    » In an unnamed emirate in the Persian Gulf there lives a young man with Harry Potter potential. He calls himself Alif, for the letter in the Arabic alphabet, but that's not his real name. It's the internet moniker he uses for his work as a hacker, protecting his clients from censors and the secret police. Alif is uncannily good at this. He's not a boy wizard like Harry, but he works magic just the same.

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    Heavy metal tragedy still playing out at Klity Creek

    Spectrum, Piyaporn Wongruang, Published on 27/01/2013

    » Ma Aung Seng's bamboo thatched-roof home has no running water, and the 50-year-old blind Karen woman has no money to buy bottled water as she can no longer work her rice fields. So when she needs water she normally asks her 16-year-old son to walk down to Klity Creek and fetch some to use for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

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    No slick explanation for huge PTT oil spill

    Spectrum, Published on 04/08/2013

    » The head of PTT's oil slick clean-up team was driving back to Bangkok last Sunday evening from Rayong when he received a phone call he wasn't expecting.

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    Tides of confusion surround oil clean-up

    Spectrum, Published on 11/08/2013

    » I ndependent marine biologists and government agencies charged with supervising the clean-up of last month's estimated 50,000 litre PTT oil spill in Rayong are at odds over the impact the slick has already had on marine life.

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    Tipsy in traffic

    Spectrum, Published on 29/09/2013

    » It's Monday night and you decided to have just one more pint with the lads before your commute home. What could go wrong? Now you're behind the wheel of your 5 Series on the inside lane of Sukhumvit Road with a police breathalyser stop 30m ahead, cars on all flanks and nowhere to go.

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    The baffling and convoluted logic behind our wines of discontent

    Spectrum, Published on 31/08/2014

    » First a few facts. Thailand has one of the most convoluted systems for taxing alcohol anywhere in the world.

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    A clash of spirits

    Spectrum, Nanchanok Wongsamuth, Published on 07/06/2015

    » The houses of the Christians stand in stark contrast to the rest of the households where the roofs are thatched with cogon grass. Located on the lower end of a mountain range in the remote North, the homes of the converts are equipped with television sets and have roofs of corrugated iron that glisten silver in the sun, which are forbidden under animistic Lua beliefs that centre on spirits.

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    Thailand leading Asia in cracking down on drinking

    Bloomberg News, Published on 23/07/2015

    » By banning alcohol sales near universities and technical colleges, Thailand is putting the nation at the forefront of efforts in Asia to curb booze consumption.

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    Island adopts bio-gas

    News, Nauvarat Suksamran, Published on 01/08/2015

    » Living on a small and sparsely populated island in Phangnga, the locals have found it difficult to receive any help from authorities. But the hardship has also taught them to stand on their own feet.

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