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    Henry Kissinger brought Germany redemption

    News, Published on 01/12/2023

    » His timbre was just one reason I always looked forward to hearing Henry Kissinger, who died yesterday after living a full century, expound on international relations. It was gravelly and deep, and grew only more so over the years. But it wasn't just the voice. It was his unique accent, eccentric to some but strangely familiar to me.

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    Taylor Swift's Eras tour confronts climate crisis

    News, Published on 22/11/2023

    » Taylor Swift, one of the world's most successful and wealthiest pop stars, has come face to face with the climate crisis in Brazil during her global Eras tour.

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    Kardashian's Skims could be making a bad bet

    News, Published on 31/10/2023

    » Kim Kardashian was in the news again this week. Not for whomever she's dating or some controversial social media post. Instead, it was for her intimates and shapewear brand Skims, which launched a new men's line, which includes underwear, tees and socks. The obvious question posed to Kardashian has been: When are you coming out with a men's shapewear line? It's "forthcoming", but not a part of the inaugural line. Smart move, Keeks. Shapewear for men is set up to fail.

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    Social media is just one online habit hurting teens

    News, Published on 28/09/2023

    » Last spring, my tween was begging for more independence, starting with being allowed to walk home from school alone. The kilometre-plus walk involves crossing a few busy streets. I was hesitant; she doesn't have a phone, so she had no way to contact me if something went wrong. But we practised a few times (with me trailing her a block behind) to be sure she was confident of the route and talked about what she would do in various scenarios. Then, we allowed her to do something that some parents in our uber-connected era might find truly wild: roam free.

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    The complex legacy of Lost In Translation two decades on

    Life, Published on 18/09/2023

    » It has been 20 years since an ageing Bill Murray and a young Scarlett Johansson introduced Tokyo to a generation in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation.

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    The presidential poll isn't perfect. Vote anyway

    News, Published on 31/08/2023

    » Predictability is the name of the game in Singapore's elections. The ruling People's Action Party (PAP) and its candidates always win handsomely. And while their margin of success is the envy of political parties and politicians the world over, for the PAP every single point counts. It is a sign of just how satisfied Singapore's 3.5 million or so citizens are with the ruling party. And a signal of whether longevity and legitimacy amount to the same thing.

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    Riots' deja vu raises the stakes

    News, Published on 04/07/2023

    » A teenager killed by police in a Paris suburb. A wave of anger that morphs into widespread rioting and opportunistic looting. A tough law-and-order response followed by an appeal for unity and calm -- and a political call for action that fades over time.

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    Watch Apple TV's Extrapolations for the science, not the story

    Life, Published on 10/04/2023

    » Hollywood has long mined global warming to create terrifying scenarios of apocalyptic futures. Some of these aren't very realistic. Others are all preaching and no teaching. But the new Apple TV series Extrapolations takes a different, more science-steeped approach -- the episodes cascade through the future of this century, using real scientific projections and computer-generated special effects to show how global warming might play out under the most likely scenario.

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    Not ready for dystopia

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 14/01/2023

    » Re: "Five automation predictions for 2023" (Business, Jan 11) and "Five tech predictions for 2023 and beyond" (Business, Jan 10).

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    Walk the walk

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 10/09/2022

    » Re: "Chadchart offers his anti-graft recipe", (BP, Sept 7). Governor Chadchart says that honest leaders with a strong commitment to tackling graft are the key to fighting corruption. I fully agree and call on him to be a role model in being such a leader. Thus, he should not only be corruption-free himself but also committed to eradicating corruption.

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