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    Explaining the difference between good and bad carbs

    Life, Published on 18/07/2023

    » DEAR DOCTORS: I'm fuzzy on the idea of "good" and "bad" carbs. I know candy and soda and junk food are bad carbs, but I'm not sure what makes them different from good carbs. I'd like to understand that better. Also, what are some examples of good and bad carbs?

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    When good intentions backfire

    B Magazine, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 06/01/2019

    » "Sometimes/ It falls upon a generation/ To be great/ I ask all humanity now/ To rise up/ Then we can all stand/ With our heads/ Held high," begins the Chris Martin-curated Global Citizen EP 1 with opener Rise Up featuring an excerpt from Nelson Mandela's now-iconic "Make Poverty History" speech. It's an apt start given the wholesome intentions of this EP, although it feels slightly jarring to hear one of the world's greatest speeches getting paired with the euphoric synths supplied here by the Norwegian production behemoth Stargate. The song is clearly engineered for a stadium/festival setting, so casual listening might not be the best way to approach what would otherwise be a stirring anthem.

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    Brits can still put on a good show

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 14/05/2023

    » Considering how depressing the world news has been lately, the coronation of King Charles III last weekend provided a brief diversion. It might not be everybody's cup of tea but the Brits certainly know how to put on a show if a bit of history is involved. They're good at pomp and pageantry and most importantly love a parade with plenty of horses.

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    Good sleep hygiene key in sleeping on plane

    Life, Published on 10/10/2023

    » DEAR DOCTORS: We are flying overseas, and although I would love to snooze through most of the 15-hour flight, I'm generally not able to sleep on a plane. Melatonin doesn't work for me. I've taken Ambien in the past, but I'm concerned about the negative effects I've read about. Do you have any advice?

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    Water exercises are good for people with Parkinson's disease

    Life, Published on 12/09/2023

    » DEAR DOCTORS: A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She has been told that exercise -- especially swimming -- can be helpful. She isn't a strong swimmer and is afraid to try now. Why are people with Parkinson's advised to swim? Are there any drawbacks?

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    When art imitates a not-so-good life

    Life, Tatat Bunnag, Published on 14/10/2022

    » On the surface, it's easy to judge Luckiest Girl Alive as another movie made to support #Metoo and other movements. Sure, this new mystery/drama film is clearly trying to shed light on quite a few touchy subjects and heavy issues, whether it's school bullying, class conflict, sexual abuse or mass shootings. But more often than not, fiction is inspired by reality. And with gripping storytelling, good character design and development, Luckiest Girl Alive is definitely a thrilling watch. The film sees the return of actress Mila Kunis as a woman whose perfect life is corroded by her past trauma and emotional scars. The film provides the audience an insight into the complicated reality of how survivors and victims endure on a daily basis.

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    Clearly good-looking

    Life, Noko, Published on 20/06/2023

    » Synonyms for transparent include clear, crystalline and glassy. The trending transparent skin look is defined as a combination of clear and glassy skin.

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    Be a good sport

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 19/05/2023

    » Re: "Pride of the nation", (Editorial, May 18).

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    A special khon concert for a good cause

    Life, Published on 10/05/2023

    » Following their performance in Paris, the Pichet Klunchun Dance Company will perform a special khon Thai classical masked dance with a contemporary touch for the people of Bangkok at the Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts on June 17.

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    Peter Rabbit returns for a good cause

    Life, Noko, Published on 05/05/2023

    » The disobedient Peter Rabbit and his well-behaved sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail debuted in Beatrix Potter's picture letter dated Sept 4, 1893.

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