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    get married in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 10/06/2002, Last updated on: 21/01/2008

    » I want to get married, but a civil wedding, not religious. I am from Spain and we want to come to Thailand for holidays and marry. What do I have to do to find a judge?

    • Anonymous commented : I do not know what is needed to marry with a Thai, but it should be worthy. Thay women are among the most beautiful in the world. Of course, Esther, I know you are looking for a male Thai. Best wishes from Mexico! Gerardo Ochoa

    • Anonymous commented : Dear Esther. It is very simple to get marriage certificate in Thailand. I am assuming that you will get marry in the hotel where you are planing to take your vacation. You can go to the district/provincial office called "umphur" before or after your ceremony. The hotel hostess/officer can point you to the right direction or hotel's diver can take you there. It would depending on the level of services that available at your hotel. You should contact them about your plans. You might want your marriage certificate translated into english and/or spanish with official seal before you return home also. Good luck.

    • Anonymous commented : ke arrangement for you. Most good hotels will have this type of services.

    • Anonymous commented : I love a good bit of arrogance :) You have read a web site and now think you know more than people who have done it... Can you enlighten us about where you think we have gone wrong? Are you going to try and tell me that my marriage is not legal? I think you are an interesting person and feel that you should spend more time here.

    • Anonymous commented : Some hotels you will find offer special packages that will include the whole wedding ceremony and necessary papers etc. As suggested before check with your local Thai Embassy and with a knowledgable and reputable agent. Good luck !

    • Anonymous commented : i have done this. simply go to your embassy and fill in statutory declaration form to enable you to marry here in thailand. take the form to a translation agency to write it in thai. take the english and thai version of the form to ministry of foreign affairs (you can get the address with full direction from your embassy). it will take 2 days for them to work on authentification. present the forms to the amphur office (district) anywhere in thailand. they will grant you the marriage contract written in thai. take this form to a translation agency to make it in english. take the english version to ministry of foreign affairs for authentification. take your marriage certificate to your embassy for registration. that's the end of it. it will probably cost you more or less 5k baht for all the documents work. best wishes.

    • Anonymous commented : my sister have plan to have a vacation in thailand on july 2004 and also to have her civil wedding, but the problem she been married before and they are alreday separated for about three years ago (First Husband) what she will do? what kind of papers she should have to bring down there to have her civil wedding for the second time around? Best Regards

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    Is Thai guy a good man to marry??

    By Anonymous, Created on: 30/06/2002, Last updated on: 18/09/2007

    » I met a Thai guy by chance and wonder if I get the right man?? Can any thai men and women give me some advise?? Thanks a lot!!

    • Anonymous commented : Thai men are like any other kind of men. However, culturally, men and women in Thailand tended to have close relationship. Especially, if the men came from Thai-Chinese family, then you will experience less openness in the relationship. Often, they seek information from friends and families about their potential lovers. Urban and rural relationships are usually different. Rural people tended to adhere to traditional Thai life-style and relationship. It would depending more on the level of education and worldly experience of the person. Statistically, Thai men are less educated than Thai women due to proverty, rote education, and availability of educational institutions. I would recommend that you dating him for at least a year or two before you attempt any relationship like sexual.

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Rooster, Thanks a lot for yr advice. In general, how Thai men react in front of his lover?? Do equal opportunity play between Men and Women?? Thur yr msg, "Virginity" seem still important in Thai guy's Pls let me know more....suzy

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