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    Unsocial network

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 25/06/2014

    » As a regular Facebook, Line and Instagram user, I find it hard to believe that there is an antisocial media app. I recently heard about Cloak (though I think that it’s been around for a while). Cloak is an app that helps you avoid people that you don’t want to meet. It sounded strange at first. But after some thought, I can definitely see its usefulness. If I were a student trying to ditch a day of school, I would not want to run into people who would recognise me and tell my parents. If I owed a friend some money and couldn’t pay it back yet, running into that friend would not be very pleasant.


    Sport participation should come from the heart, not the bank

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 07/09/2012

    » The London Summer Olympics have come and gone in a blink of an eye. The spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies has settled into memory. The Olympics are always known for the heart-stopping competition, the dramas of defeat and upsets, and the moments where history is made.

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