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    No petty matters

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 04/02/2012

    » The camera fixed its probing gaze on Luis Suarez, crouched on the bench with the slightly anxious expression of a man who's loaded with guilt for failing to bear the torch of hope for Liverpool fans during the match against arch-rivals Manchester United during the FA Cup's fourth round last weekend.

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    Sport lux

    Life, Samila Wenin, Published on 24/05/2012

    » It's almost a common practice amongst designers entering the year of the games _ the Olympics (plus Uefa European Football Championship) and the Fifa World Cup _ that sporty look shall be trend. In primary-level math, that means once every two years.

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    Business of the beautifulgame

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 02/06/2012

    » It's the third most watched global sporting event after the Olympics and football World Cup, and the impact of the Uefa European Championship extends to much more than just millions of soccer addicts. With lucrative sponsorship, ticket sales and broadcasting rights, the beautiful game is equally a business as it is sports.

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    The folly of fandom

    Life, Samila Wenin, Published on 17/07/2012

    » There seems to be a thin line between liking something and proclaiming you're a fan of it, although in both real life and Facebook, you're assumed to be a fan once you "Like" it.

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    One for All

    Life, Samila Wenin, Published on 03/01/2013

    » After weeks of irritable anticipation, the cool breeze has finally hit Bangkok. It can't be helped that the wait has been quite long, so long that some woke up on the morning of Dec 31, the day the temperature started to drop, feeling they had no idea what to put on to face the cold.

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    Sports LUX variations

    Life, Samila Wenin, Published on 01/05/2014

    » Sports chic is now — there’s no doubt about it. From drawstrings to mesh, and from hoodies to sports stripes, the 1990s that ushered in the worldwide live broadcast of European league football left the post-millennium fashion enthusiasts with the zombie of a trend that is resurrected once every two years whenever the Olympic or the Fifa World Cup is on the go.

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