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    New wave of education after the tsunami

    Learningpost, Fraser Morton, Published on 05/01/2010

    » The soft pitter-patter of footsteps across a dusty Phuket playing field is followed by a cacophony of giggles as a group of students - the girls dressed in blue and white and the boys kitted out in khaki - skip to their English class at Kalim School.

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    Bayer hosts ecological 'bootcamp'

    Learningpost, Published on 23/02/2010

    » Once again, the Bayer Environmental Envoy Program, the organiser of worldwide Eco-Camps and a Germany-based intensive study tour - presented in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) since 2004 - is a smashing success!

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    Victorious football managers

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 23/02/2010

    » After months of successfully completing challenging tasks, the "Fish 'n Ship" team from Assumption College Sriracha, ultimately snatched the trophy for the first time in "The Pitch" challenge earlier this month.

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    No sex please, We're Thai

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 28/02/2010

    » As I write this, a Thai soap opera is going on in the background on my non-flat television. A handsome man in a dirtied shirt is staggering and holding a gun. He is clearly distressed - not through any acting talents, god forbid, but his shirt isn't tucked in and that's a dead giveaway in any Thai soap. His hair remains perfectly combed, and facial features remain as rigid as those of a khunying shuffling out of an Emporium botox clinic.

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    More than just kicking around

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 04/05/2010

    » After over an hour of intense competition, "Team-KMUTT", representing King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), snatched first place at the inaugural "Thailand Humanoid Robot Soccer Championship". The team won a 200,000-baht cash prize and will be representing Thailand at the RoboCup Soccer Humanoid League, which is part of RoboCup 2010, in Singapore in June.

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    feasibility / feasible

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 25/01/2011

    » the chances that something has of happening or being successful ความเป็นไปได้/ possible or likely to succeed ซึ่งเป็นไปได้, ซึ่งเหมาะสม

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    enthusiastic (adj) enthusiast (n)

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 28/02/2011

    » showing a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it กระตือรือร้น; a person who is very interested in something and spends a lot of time doing it คนที่กระตือรือร้น

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    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 25/05/2011

    » severe punishment for something seriously wrong that somebody has done การแก้แค้น, การจองเวร,กรรมสนอง

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    Published on 03/06/2011

    » someone who has the same job or purpose as another person, but in a different country, time, situation or organisation ฝ่ายตรงข้าม หรือคนที่อยู่ในตำแหน่งเดียวกันของอีกประเทศ หรือ กลุ่มหนึ่ง

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    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 12/07/2011

    » happening once a year; happening every year ประจำปี ทุกๆปีด

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