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    Tackling the 'lone wolves'

    News, Editorial, Published on 18/03/2019

    » The worst massacre of innocents in eight years occurred in peaceful Christchurch on Friday. In a 36-minute orgy in two separate mosques, 50 people were shot dead. A definitely demented but functioning man created an unwatchable Facebook video as he killed from close range. Heroes emerged from the mosque mats and in police ranks, but the worst of the killer's work was done.

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    More trouble for Myanmar

    News, Editorial, Published on 07/01/2019

    » New, deadly fighting has broken out in Myanmar's most troubled state. It's not the army and police attacking defenceless Rohingya this time, but the Arakan Army (AA), a Buddhist force demanding greater regional autonomy. The Arakan Army renewed its decades-old "war" on the central government last year. On Friday, in the most deadly attacks admitted by the Nay Pyi Taw government to date, the AA attacked four Rakhine province police posts. They killed 13 policemen, wounded nine others and apparently suffered no casualties.

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    Rallies are about seeking equality

    News, Editorial, Published on 09/12/2018

    » The "yellow vests" protest phenomenon which gripped France over the past few weeks may make some policymakers engaged in a fight against global warming think about a policy U-turn. It should not be so.

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    Black arts at BACC

    News, Editorial, Published on 26/09/2019

    » Ongoing turmoil at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is threatening to sabotage the city's bid to become a global cultural crossroads.

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    Finding 'Billy' just the start

    News, Editorial, Published on 04/09/2019

    » Thailand has long been notorious for letting numerous mysterious cases of extrajudicial killings, torture or forced disappearances go unresolved, and harbouring a culture of impunity among the state actors allegedly involved.

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    Don't fight fire with fire

    News, Editorial, Published on 14/06/2019

    » The rule of law in this country has reached another defining moment, as the fate of 41 MPs now hangs in the balance after House Speaker Chuan Leekpai forwarded petitions to the Constitutional Court this week, seeking a ruling on whether they breached the charter's rule on media shareholdings.

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    Fire battle a team effort

    News, Editorial, Published on 18/04/2019

    » A massive fire engulfing vast areas of a Chiang Rai forest has intensified the smog problem in this northernmost province, adding to the country's pollution woes.

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    Criminalise state torture

    News, Editorial, Published on 17/04/2019

    » As long as Thailand does not criminalise enforced disappearances and torture committed by state officials, anyone could become a victim of state actors' extrajudicial acts without getting justice -- such as in the case of Karen human rights activist Porlajee "Billy" Rakchongcharoen.

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    An activist punchbag

    News, Editorial, Published on 04/04/2019

    » Prominent anti-coup activist Ekachai Hongkangwan has again become a victim of violence. This time his car, which was parked in the compound of his residence in the Lat Phrao area, was burnt beyond repair by a group of unidentified arsonists.

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    Cooperation vital to end haze crisis

    News, Editorial, Published on 31/03/2019

    » More than a decade after fine dust particles known as PM2.5 emerged as a health threat in Chiang Mai, the province has started to embrace a new approach that opens the doors to cooperation between state and civic sectors to tackle the problem.

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