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    Computer villains beware - digital forensics gather pace

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 20/01/2010

    » In the physical world, the police need help from forensic teams to collect evidence to solve crimes and catch culprits. Similarly, in the digital world, digital forensics are a crucial part of the fight against cyber criminals and hackers. The evidence these professionals can gather against suspects can be presented in court.

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    A small price to pay

    Database, Published on 20/01/2010

    » Your TOT board put huge red Xs across all the recent auctions and three billion baht worth of contracts to build a fibre-optic network for broadband Internet, and vowed to call new contracts; the decision followed remarks by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva over the high prices of some of the bids, and your TOT will be certain to write new terms of reference for new auctions; the rather complicated auction was run in portions, for various parts of the country, but luckily for TOT turned out to total 3.03 billion baht, a full 0.01 billion below the budget; now they will have to do it all again, and despite what Mr Abhisit says, prices do go up, don't they?

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    INTERNET SITE of the Week

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 03/02/2010

    » When you fire up your trusty Internet browser, you're faced with what is known as the ''start page''. Lately I've been exploring ways to make that start page more useful and enjoyable.

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    Out of the blue

    Database, Published on 17/02/2010

    » PM's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey decided right out of the blue to call on the Magnificent Seven to get their act together and press ahead with an auction of third-generation phone bandwidth, and to heck with the consequences, constitution and so on; the National Telecommunications Commission, in his opinion, needs to move along because the public needs 3G. The National Telecommunications Commission chuckled at Mr Sathit, and made another decision to delay another project, this one the application by No 1 yuppiephone network Advanced Info Service of Shingapore to fire up its proposed roaming service with your TOT; the problem was so important that the NTC gave it to a deputy secretary, Thakorn Boonyasith, who said the proposed new TOT-AIS hookup could violate the terms of the old TOT-AIS concession; AIS wants to suck up most of the TOT's 3G bandwidth, such as it is, in return for which it will allow other customers to use AIS facilities for calls outside the small corner of Bangkok where 3G is actually available.

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    Blame game

    Database, Published on 17/03/2010

    » If you can't say nee sua paa jorake, put it this way: Out of the frying pan into the fire; telecoms firms apart from the state duopoly definitely thought of fleeing the tiger only to meet the crocodile in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision on the Thaksin assets; the Court's finding that Shin Corp of Shingapore (and previously Thailand) profited from cabinet decisions during the Thaksin years appeared to have emboldened the government into claiming that your ToT and your CAT Telecom "lost" billions, and a total rewrite of concession and other agreements could be in the offing; that would only take Thai telecoms back into the 20th century, result in high new charges for consumers and make 3G mobile phone service a fantasy instead of a dream; legally, of course, putting a phone in the hands of every Thai has theoretically cost the state-owned firms a lot - except that the state-owned firms were (and are) incapable of meeting the needs of the country at any price; every other telecom firm has certainly profited in the past two decades, but then so have consumers; a return to strict regulations would mean a return to the days when it was illegal to own a modem or a Telex machine, and the only legal way to communicate was to rent equipment from the state.

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    Today's 10 most common security threats on the Net

    Database, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 24/03/2010

    » The growth of the Internet as a ubiquitous part of life has made social networks and mobile devices more vulnerable to attack, with the users themselves often the weakest link.

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    Everything the iPad can do, others can do better

    Database, James Hein, Published on 21/04/2010

    » The release of a new Apple device is always an interesting event. On one side of the coin are those that buy everything Apple no matter if they need it or not. I have one associate, for example, who has purchased every iPod variant and machine. Yes, he has more than he could ever use, but he just buys each new device as it is released anyway. On the other side is the guy who was early in line to get the latest iPad, walked outside and immediately destroyed it so he could be the first to do so.

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    Ubuntu gains ground on the Evil Empire

    Database, Don Sambandaraksa, Published on 28/04/2010

    » Linux on the desktop is about to make a major leap forward this week with the launch of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on April 29. People have been speculating for years about when Linux will become mainstream and hit the desktop. Ubuntu 10.04 or Lucid Lynx might just do that.

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    Utilities for OS X

    Database, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 26/05/2010

    » When I started looking at some essentials for users new to OS X, I had intended to outline some of the utilities I think are valuable. In the interim, when my MacBook Pro arrived. I looked at how I set up a new computer. I have now installed several of those utilities that help with the running of a Mac, and also found a couple that were new to me.

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    Helping the IT trade rebuild from the political rubble

    Database, Published on 02/06/2010

    » Now that Bangkok's political storm has passed, it has left social and economic trauma in its wake. Organisations are working to get the business climate back to normal and turn crisis into opportunity.

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