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    Pre-Marital Sex. - Part I.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/06/2003, Last updated on: 26/04/2007

    » Hello Mr. Rooster ; I moved this discussion to this more appropriate thread. Mr. Rooster wrote : "People are like animals, and their sexual drives will involve some types of pre-marital sex. So prostitution will be there to provide needed service. " The sexual urge is indeed extraordinarily powerful,...

    • Anonymous commented : e. Only by going through the fire to come will we see the sunrise on the other side. My only reason for posting is to reach the few people who have a gut feeling that things in the world are terribly wrong, but cannot see the cause. These are the only people who are ready to listen and understand. All the apparent madness in the world can be understood when it is looked at from only one perspective, and that is : "How many souls have been lost today?" When you look at social norms and trends today from this perspective, you can suddenly understand all the apparent madness in the world and where it is coming from. I don't recommend that anyone do anything to resist the unstoppable flow of events. Resisting will only delay the sunrise. Rooster wrote : "So those who want to marry or having sex with 10 years old will have to waite awhile longer or get a single bullet. Fascinating for me is that I never said anything about having sex at 10 years old. I only said marry. I don't think two people married at 10 years old would have any interest in sex (I could be wrong). Actually what I imagine would happen is that if two young people got married, and with good support (not force) from the families, they would get to know each other over a long period of innocent childhood play and interaction. I think we would all agree that getting to know each other is an important pre-requisite and basis for any long term, meaningful relationship. Even more important, then they would have each other and not be alone (like our children are) during the hormone turbo-charged and vulnerable and self-conscious personality and sexually formative years. Two people bonded this way could resist a lot of society evils, like drugs, gangs, depression, suicide, violence. It could actually be a very powerful and beautiful thing, and not perverted as you suggest. I also believe this would solve a lot of problems with our youth, but it is up to courageous PhD social scientists to say. I always wonder why no one questions the fact that we need sex education today in schools, when we didn't need it for thousands of years. Maybe this is why. Our children are alone during the most sensitive years of their lives, and then we wonder when they make bad choices. It was not this way before. Clearly visible for everyone to see, our current system of selecting a mate (dating/love) does not work! Everyone quotes divorce rates of 50+%, but I say those statistics are nonsense, and our divorce rate is actually 99.9%! Why do I say this? I consider EVERY sexual relationship that ends to be a divorce. In other words, if two people are having a sexual relationship, then in God's eyes they should be married. This is exactly what common law marriage is all about. If that relationship ends, it is no less of a divorce because they did not get married, although it does not show up in divorce statistics. Put another way, let's say that marriage is outlawed. If no-one is getting married, then the divorce rate would fall to ZERO also! This appears to suggest that every relationship is wonderful, when in fact the reality could be very different. The picture for marriages is bleak, but the picture for singles is equally bleak. About one million or more teenage girls become pregnant every year, at a rate of 3000 per day, 80% of whom are unmarried. Out of this I million, about 500,000, decide to keep their baby, and 450,000 are aborted (or ? murdered). 100,000 decide to deliver and give the baby up for adoption. In 1950 the incidence of birth from unmarried teenagers was only 13.9%, but in 1985 it increased to 59%. In 1985 alone, 10 million cases of chlamydia, 2 million cases of gonorrhea, I million venereal warts, 0.5 million genital herpes and 90,000 syphilis were diagnosed. Not a pretty picture. So getting married does not work, and staying single does not work. Our current system does not work! It was not this way before. Cheers!!

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    How difference between Thai lady and Us lady

    By Anonymous, Created on: 25/11/2004, Last updated on: 19/04/2007

    » I need to know why many Us guy falling with Thai lady.

    • Anonymous commented : so takes care of the hire and fire in my business (because she speaks Thai so much better than me) so if anything she is more independant than I am.

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    Solar Power

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/03/2005, Last updated on: 31/03/2015

    » I dont understand why Thailand is not using the sun which is there 365 days/year. Can anybody tell me ? I am in the process of building a house but when it comes to solar energy i might have to import myself to only then be confronted with a high import tax on such products. And that while closing...

    • Anonymous commented : ssil fuels, without having to fire a lot of miners overnight. We must move now - inertia is not an option, and countries like Australia (and Thailand for that matter) are well-placed to take advantage of the blessing of their environments to get the ball rolling. Let's act now!! Kind regards David

    • Anonymous commented : ion and could be hazardous in fire...beside biodegradable and other problems with insects and rodents. I have heard of people mixing rice straws with layers of concretes and cements in wall construction. I would recomment using rice straws in the constructions of traditional Thai structures and roofing ...and not permanent structures like houses. Rice straws do make excellent semi-permanent structures like gazebos, patio covers, sala covers, playhouses, field and ranch houses, etc..

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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Michael Bukit commented : t. End the policy at once and fire the Supreme Neanderthal of the Land Department, permanently. Maybe his family house should be confiscated as well. SUPACHOK CHATTANUCHAI

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    Getting Married In Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 26/03/2006, Last updated on: 23/10/2007

    » Some advise please. I met my thai gf on way back to UK from travels in April 2004. I have been back in Thailand several times and she visited England last year. We meet on webcam every week and always in touch with each other. I have been to meet her family at her home town in Issan and we plan...

    • Anonymous commented : ... we get on like a house on fire ... think we are really lucky .... aprt from living in UK that is

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    getting dual citizenship

    By Anonymous, Created on: 06/06/2006, Last updated on: 15/03/2011

    » hello every one i have a question reguarding dual citizenship program in thailand and would like clerification and advice from anybod in thailand. i was born in Thailand in 1978 (B.E. 2521) and my father (an American Tourist) ask that i be given a U.S. Citizen (at birth) in according to the Order...

    • drake commented : py (and hopes the termites or fire didn't get to them first). The requirements and forms can varies from one municipal office to another. In BKK, this can take as little as an hour to do if you've got all the papers and people in order, or months if not. Then you take the ID card to the local passport office. Processing can take as little as a half an hour and you can pick up the new passport in 3 days. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue what the procedure is in Norway. Perhaps you might want to ask them first how to get the National ID. Bottom line is, if you were born in the Kingdom or if ONE of your parent is/was a Thai then you are one. Here's a good summary on the topic of Thai Nationality Good luck.

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    Three Most Important Words.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 07/11/2008, Last updated on: 13/02/2014

    » In pasa Thai, almost every tourist learns how to say hello: [i:3qlpnlz8]Sawat dee, kap/kaa.[/i:3qlpnlz8] (kap and kaa are gender-related) Thank you is quite simple, although there is a colloquial version: [i:3qlpnlz8]Khop khun, kap/kaa.[/i:3qlpnlz8] (formal) [i:3qlpnlz8]Khop jai.[/i:3qlpnlz8]...

    • GenetheMachine commented : falling. The diphthong "fire" is pronounced with a falling tone. If you get the tone wrong in Thai you may have a different word.

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    Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept

    By Suttisan, Created on: 28/05/2009, Last updated on: 02/10/2016

    » -- Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept The director general of the Land Department has reiterated that foreigners using Thai nominees to buy land anywhere in the country will have their land title deeds revoked if caught – even if the nominee in question is a lawfully wedded...

    • Michael Bukit commented : t. End the policy at once and fire the Supreme Neanderthal of the Land Department, permanently. Maybe his familys house should be confiscated as well. SUPACHOK CHATTANUCHAI

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    I am getting married

    By JensThai, Created on: 29/05/2009, Last updated on: 26/07/2009

    » I have been living in Thailand for more than 6 years and i am 38 years old. I read, write, speak and understand thai and Isan. I have checked my gf and she never been merried and have no children. She never worked in any kind of bar enviroment. I have a company where i have some land and 4 houses....

    • Michael Bukit commented : t. End the policy at once and fire the Supreme Neanderthal of the Land Department, permanently. Maybe his family house should be confiscated as well. SUPACHOK CHATTANUCHAI

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