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    Fun with every bite

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 22/03/2019

    » Summer has officially arrived, so let me begin this food-driven story with the question of what gastronomic impression you usually associate with the school-break season.

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    It's all in the stars

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 08/12/2017

    » Months of kitchen rumours, speculations from experts and chef anxieties are finally over.

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    Tasty trip down memory lane

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 03/07/2015

    » Either as an ordinary diner or a food writer, it is not often that I've felt thankful towards a specific restaurant. In fact, this will be the second time in my 15-year journalism career that I am to express my epicurean gratitude to a dining establishment.

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    Traditional, homestyle comfort

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 01/05/2015

    » Over the past six months since Yang Gao Gorn opened its doors, I had heard good things about this family-run eatery which serves up homestyle Thai cooking.

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    Home comforts

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 21/03/2014

    » Whether it’s a nascent trend towards less pretentious eating environments or down to the astronomical rents charged for commercial premises or simply an attempt to make better use of under-employed space, it’s getting increasingly common for home-owners to open their doors and welcome in paying diners to sample the fare from their kitchens.

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    A moveable feast feast

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 10/01/2014

    » Many say it's a political rally-turned-fun fair. Some simply regard it as the city's new popular walking street. Yet, for a humble food writer like me, Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue, which is currently occupied by demonstrators from the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), is one of the most diverse and unpretentious food festivals ever to take place in Thailand.

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    Casual connoisseurs

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 12/04/2013

    » Over the past few years, exclusive meals prepared by five-star chefs at the privacy of the diners' own home have become more and more in favour among well-off gourmands in Thailand.

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    Small is beautiful

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 22/03/2013

    » Until last year, Lor Yaowaraj, a Chinese grocery shop in the middle of Yaowarat, bustled with elderly customers and wholesale clients.

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    The Golden Ingredients

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 26/10/2012

    » Thailand has thrived in the worldwide culinary sphere with a team of chefs from the Kingdom winning gold and silver medals at the IKA Culinary Olympics 2012, one of the oldest and most prestigious events of its kind.

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    Grand Galleryof Global Gourmets

    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 04/05/2012

    » In the light of the two-day culinary session conducted by a medley of globally celebrated chefs during the recent World Gourmet Summit 2012, terms like "seasonal", "purity" and "sustainability" constantly resounded as if to signal the future of world gastronomy.

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