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    Is China's Arctic expansion plan a reason to worry?

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 01/02/2018

    » Last week, China said it plans to build a "Polar Silk Road" that will open shipping lanes across the largely pristine region at the top of the world. It's an ambitious idea for a country that lacks an Arctic border, and it has raised concerns around the world about China's ultimate intentions and its capacity for environmental stewardship. Although these are reasonable worries, they're almost certainly overblown.


    China's hidden pollution oozes its way to the surface

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 12/05/2017

    » Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping directed his government to build a new city for the "millennium to come". It would rise on rural land about 100km south of Beijing, guided by the principles of "ecological protection and green development". And it would become a model for a new kind of urban expansion.


    A city of 50 million? And China wants three of them

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 30/08/2016

    » By any measure, Shanghai is one of the world's biggest cities. It's home to more than 24 million people. Its subway system is the longest ever built, extending to its rural limits. Crowds are so thick that burly "shovers" get paid to help pack the trains. Now the local government is saying enough is enough: documents released this week reveal that Shanghai intends to admit a mere 800,000 new residents over the next 24 years, on its way to becoming an "excellent global city".

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