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    Where big beasts flourish

    Life, L. Bruce Kekulé, Published on 30/04/2015

    » Kaziranga, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is situated in the state of Assam in northeast India, and encompasses some 267m² of grassland, wetland and river habitat, plus a buffer zone amounting to another 248m². Over time, the Assamese have created one of the greatest protected areas in the world. 

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    The plight of the Forest Patrol Ranger

    Life, L. Bruce Kekulé, Published on 26/09/2012

    » Nit packed his bag and said goodbye to his wife and two daughters. It would be the last time he saw his family. He jumped on his new motorcycle and left the village heading to the national park headquarters, some 30km away. On the way, he made a quick stop at the market to buy some rice and food for a week's trip into the forest. His salary was about $150 a month, and he wondered how the family was going to make ends meet.

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