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    Call off rap song probe

    News, Editorial, Published on 30/10/2018

    » Just as the sun rises every day, the Royal Thai Police and its Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) were predictably quick to pounce on the flash-mob popularity of song sensations Rap Against Dictatorship (RAD).


    Grave danger in Cambodia

    News, Editorial, Published on 07/09/2017

    » After operating for more than 24 years, the English-language The Cambodia Daily faced its final curtain call this week, with the last edition hitting newsstands on Monday. Observers believe the closure, which stemmed from a tax dispute between the Daily and Prime Minister Hun Sen's government, is a threat to the freedoms of the media in the country.


    Volunteers and success

    News, Editorial, Published on 04/07/2018

    » The successful search and the coming rescue of the Wild Boar football team is one of our finest moments. The 12 boys and coach were found and then broadcast on video to the nation by skilled and tenacious divers who refused to take a step or stroke backwards for 10 agonising days. They are heroes. So are the hundreds, Thai and foreigner, who supported them directly, as are the thousands who backed them actively.


    Respect rights of the Karen

    News, Editorial, Published on 16/06/2018

    » The lengthy legal battle between Karen forest dwellers and Kaeng Krachan National Park officials, which ended bitterly for the former on Tuesday, shed light on the need to add a human rights dimension to our top-down lawmaking and oppressive law enforcement on forest protection.


    DSI's shot to the foot

    News, Editorial, Published on 26/12/2017

    » The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) was conceived and promoted as the nation's most elite, incorruptible and trustworthy arm of law enforcement. In recent weeks, the force has met none of those standards. An investigation by the "regular" police has turned up astounding evidence against the DSI. It not only indicates gross incompetence. It occurred in one of the most important criminal investigations, a case that concerns the entire public.


    Education reform should start early

    News, Editorial, Published on 18/06/2017

    » Will the presence of international universities be a solution to help Thai higher education respond to the challenges that come with regional economic cooperation?


    Drug reform still pending

    News, Editorial, Published on 10/05/2017

    » A year and a month ago, the government promised radical reform of the anti-narcotics laws and the war on drugs. Since then, there has been no significant progress. Then-minister of justice Paiboon Koomchaya, who was leading reform efforts, has left the government. It seems an opportunity has been lost.


    End Obama war legacy

    News, Editorial, Published on 06/02/2017

    » When outgoing United States president Barack Obama peacefully turned over power to his successor Donald Trump -- a mark of true democracy -- he also handed him some seven separate wars. Four days later, the military and intelligence community briefed Mr Trump on the controversial and costly war in Yemen. Five days after that, on Jan 29, he ordered a raid by the famous US Navy SEAL Team 6. President Trump's order was to kill a top-level al-Qaeda commander and seize documents from his Bayda province compound.


    The cold chill of inequality

    News, Editorial, Published on 01/12/2016

    » The ranking of Thailand as the country with the world's third-largest wealth gap in Credit Suisse's 2016 Global Wealth Report serves as a chilling reminder of the country's decades-old divide.


    Beating piracy no easy task

    News, Editorial, Published on 10/08/2016

    » Bangkok's best-known technology market has reopened for business -- and for high-stakes criticism. Pantip Plaza's five mind-boggling floors are a virtual display of the technology revolution. It is a little better known locally and worldwide as one of the world's handiest shopping areas for pirated software, movies, music and much more. This schizophrenia has brought the attention of the owner and authorities at home and abroad.

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