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    Singapore has head in the clouds

    Oped, Umesh Pandey, Published on 11/02/2018

    » If anyone asks me to name a country in this region that stands out for its futuristic thinking and ability to achieve its goals, then the only country that comes to my mind is Singapore. The island state that has been independent for just over five decades has achieved success that has surpassed the expectations of many historians and possibly even the founding fathers of the nation. From being a small island in the Malaysian Peninsula that relied heavily on the mainland, to being self-dependent and overtaking its neighbours in every way possible, today Singapore stands as the epitome of what will and determination can do for a nation.


    Prayut regime is hurting the Thai economy

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 29/04/2016

    » As the Prayut Chan-o-cha government focuses on suppressing its critics, it seems to be letting something more serious go astray -- the economy.

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