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    Saying it with pictures

    Life, Parisa Pichitmarn, Published on 01/04/2013

    » Thailand's comic industry is on the rise _ and there's room for both the classic stories drawn by hand, and those made with the latest technology. Life speaks to two well-known artists whose creations are finding fans both here and overseas

  • LIFE

    We've got mail: 'Postbag' letter men open up

    B Magazine, Noel Boivin, Published on 07/07/2013

    » Often infuriating and occasionally illuminating, the section of the newspaper that often draws the most visceral response from readers is the letters to the editor column.

  • LIFE

    Health by the numbers

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 22/03/2016

    » As the culture of health-obsession becomes more and more prominent throughout the world, Thailand included, people are taking a greater interest in their fitness, as evidenced by the numerous marathons and bicycle races. Fitness-tracking concerns like FitBit, Garmin and Jawbone are reaping the rewards, as their products' ability to detect heart rates, step-counts, sleep quality and calorie gain/loss can help users get a more in-depth picture of their body's needs, as well as provide the necessary motivation to get one moving.

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    Voice of the future

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 06/06/2016

    » In 2005, a podcast was launched by Apple, which announced it grandly as the future of radio. As usual, it takes longer for any future trend to take shape in Thailand, and now it seems podcasts are enjoying a surge here.

  • LIFE

    AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors: Study

    AFP, Published on 29/05/2018

    » PARIS: A computer was better than human dermatologists at detecting skin cancer in a study that pitted human against machine in the quest for better, faster diagnostics, researchers said Tuesday.

  • LIFE

    All things must pass

    B Magazine, Published on 26/08/2018

    » Last week marked the end of an era here at the Bangkok Post, as we bade farewell to a part of the paper known as Brunch.

  • LIFE

    Seeing red

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 04/09/2019

    » In the first part of the 25x25 (Twenty-five by Twenty-five) fashion show, the runway was ablaze with outfits in Elle's emblematic colour.

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