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    The long and winding trail

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 28/07/2016

    » Bang Phra Reservoir not only stores water resources for households and farmlands in the northwestern part of Chon Buri province, but with its convenient location and well-paved roads running around it, the scenic reservoir also serves as an ideal training ground for cyclists.

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    Onwards and upwards, in an orderly line

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 11/12/2014

    » During rush hour the other day, I exited Sukhumvit MRT station and was struck by an awesome sight that filled my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. There, on the escalators leading up to the adjacent Asok BTS station, people were standing in single file to the right of the moving stairs, leaving the left side open from the bottom all the way to the very top.

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    Hues of Hokkaido

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 02/08/2012

    » Two years ago I visited Hokkaido for the first time. The northern island of Japan was virtually all white, covered with snow which attracted hordes of winter sports lovers from over the world. I was there again last week. This time it's summer, the season when Hokkaido's amazing array of colours is most vividly exposed.

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