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    Halting child trafficking remains tricky

    News, Vitit Muntarbhorn, Published on 19/11/2018

    » One of the positive developments in Thailand in recent years has been the governmental commitment to eradicate human trafficking. It has been complemented by a spate of court cases against human traffickers, with some evident successes. Yet, there remains a challenging situation, particularly where children are the victims, compounded by the complexity of a transfrontier situation and the opacity of the vested interests behind the sex market.


    The new face of gender equality

    Oped, Vitit Muntarbhorn, Published on 09/02/2018

    » Welcome to some innovative and refreshing action in favour of gender equality recently! A few days ago, Malaysia’s highest court, the Federal Court, passed a judgement in favour of a Hindu woman whose husband had changed his religion to Islam, without her knowledge, and whose husband then changed the religion of the children to Islam, without the mother’s consent. The court underlined that consent on the part of both parents was needed to change the religion of the children.


    Mixed bag in global fight for sexual identity equality

    Oped, Vitit Muntarbhorn, Published on 04/11/2017

    » Everyone has some form of sexual orientation and gender identity. Sexual orientation denotes a person's attraction towards others, while gender identity concerns a person's self-perceived identity, which may be different from the sex assigned at birth, as well as the expression of gender identity. The issue is particularly interlinked with the lives of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people, abbreviated as "LGBT". There are implications for Intersex persons (persons born with atypical features) -- abbreviated as "I", although their concerns are more related to the issue of sex characteristics.


    Human rights still in second place to 'Asian values'

    News, Vitit Muntarbhorn, Published on 22/11/2015

    » Earlier this year, a famous global weekly published an article titled “Asian Values”. Basically, it was delving into the longevity of various successful dynasties in the Asian region. Such is the debate in 2015.

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