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    Data Protection

    Guru, Published on 09/10/2015

    » What is the correct way to protect your data server?

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    Separating fact from fiction

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 01/07/2019

    » Last October, Singapore's online news channel Asia One reported a gruesome story from Thailand. It alleged that a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok served human flesh to diners. The news went viral, and was quickly picked up by various news outlets worldwide, including The Sun and the Daily Mail in the UK, and Newsweek in the US.


    In search of big ideas

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 18/01/2018

    » BangkokEdge Festival, billed as an "idea festival", returns to its old quarters of Bangkok this weekend. Spearheaded by MR Narisa Chakrabongse, the two-day event is a vibrant smorgasbord of literature, music, art, history and politics, anchored in the charming venues of Museum Siam, Chakrabongse Villas and Rajini School. There will be talks -- plenty of panels and discussions, on subjects ranging from "What Makes The Chao Phraya A World Monument?" to "The Power Of Slam Poetry", from "Populism, Religion and Neo-Nationalism In The 21st Century" to "Years Of Living Dangerously: A Woman's Take On War". The list of participants is starry, including writers, journalists, poets, historians and artists, Thai and international. Come evening, the lawn of Museum Siam will play host to film screenings (Pop Aye on Saturday and Citizen Dog on Sunday), as well as concerts by Hugo, Yena, Rasmee Isan Soul and more.

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    Making you safe at home?

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 15/07/2019

    » Smokers became indignant when the 2019 Family Development and Protection Act made headlines last month. According to various media outlets, reports were made saying that the new law, which will take effect next month, prohibits smoking at home. Smokers felt this unfair and were furious.

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    Leave those kids alone

    Life, Published on 29/05/2019

    » A father begins to raise his voice at the back of a restaurant, complaining about his daughter's bad grades. The conversation ends with the sound of slaps. The customers, who have heard the girl plead for her father to stop, look at each other and begin to whisper.

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    Privacy concerns as homes get smarter

    Business, Published on 12/12/2018

    » NEW YORK: You might have heard of lights that turn off with an app or voice command. Or window shades that magically rise every morning.

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    HIV 101

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 18/09/2018

    » The issue of HIV infection is suddenly in the national spotlight once again, following recent reports of the death of a 22-year-old woman from Loei province whose father claimed she died of HIV complications. The father said his daughter along with three other friends contracted HIV after getting a tattoo in Bangkok's Klong Lot area in March.


    Skincare with UV sensors

    Life, Noko, Published on 16/01/2018

    » Beauty at your fingertips has extended to Sun protection with a wearable electronic UV sensor launched by L'Oreal last week, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas.

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    No longer a death sentence, but still...

    Life, Published on 01/12/2017

    » It has been 33 years since Thailand's first HIV/Aids case was recorded and clearly the situation has improved. First, after the country started implementing HIV/Aids control and preventive measures in 1990 and enforced a healthcare policy for the infected to have easier access to antiretroviral medication in 2002, patients have had a much better life.

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    Worth the shot?

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 14/11/2017

    » The much-awaited winter in Thailand, which officially began last month according to the Meteorological Department, brings with it not just a short-lasting cool breeze but also the spread of the influenza virus.

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