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    Global disarray as institutions falter

    News, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 17/08/2015

    » The international system as we know it is unravelling. Rules and institutions that were set up seven decades ago no longer hold the same weight and authority as they used to. As we grapple with an exacerbating global disorder, established powers and players and old rules and institutions need to be revamped and reinvented to accommodate new realities. Otherwise global tensions will mount, most probably accompanied by confrontation and conflict.


    False report undermines Mekong cooperation

    News, Published on 12/07/2019

    » The recent media report on the Mekong River which contained false accusations against China ignores the joint efforts made by China, Thailand and other relevant parties to promote cooperation on Mekong water resources for the benefit of the people in the region. These accusations mislead the readers and undermine the good atmosphere of sub-regional cooperation.


    By the numbers: Giving voice to vulnerable Lao youth

    News, Published on 29/09/2018

    » It's a hot afternoon in Savannakhet, Laos. While summer is about to give way to the rainy season, it's doing its best to remind the residents of this small city that it won't go out gently. Outside the Savannakhet Primary Protection Centre, six young local researchers, all of whom are no older than 25, are joined by a few police officers as they sign out of the building. As they respectfully wai the officers, they all breathe a sigh of relief. It's been an intense week and a half, but they have accomplished a lot.


    Life must mean life

    News, Published on 23/06/2018

    » Re: "Death no deterrent", (PostBag, 22 June).


    Building consumer trust in data-driven innovation

    News, Published on 15/03/2019

    » Today is celebrated globally as World Consumer Rights Day, and for many like India it is also National Consumers Day. March 15 was chosen because then-US president John F Kennedy declared the consumer Bill of Rights to US Congress in 1961. It affirmed consumer rights were an inalienable part of the national economy. Since 1983, at the behest of Consumers International, government and non-government organisations around the world have been observing the same with one or the other vital theme to attract the attention of the public and policymakers. The theme to mark this year's celebrations is "Trusted Smart Products".


    How to protect data

    News, Editorial, Published on 20/04/2018

    » The ID card is the most common form of personal data Thais use for their financial transactions, legal agreements or obtaining commercial and public services. While the use of it has become more widespread and the storage of data has been increasingly easier, protection of personal data by law has remained weak and almost nil for many cases.


    A regulatory tightrope on data privacy

    News, Sutapa Amornvivat, Published on 17/05/2017

    » Over the weekend, computers worldwide were hit by a cyber attack of unprecedented scale. The malware, known as WannaCry, holds your data hostage until a ransom is paid. What has transpired in such a short period of time demonstrates the fragility of data protection and the risks associated with this technology. Public fear and anger could bring about changes that hinder future innovators, unless a middle-ground solution is established.


    Seismic shift reshaping data landscape

    News, Sutapa Amornvivat, Published on 16/05/2018

    » Over a month has passed since the Facebook scandal which has sent shockwaves across the tech industry and around the globe. Facebook came under fire following an incident involving its user data exploited by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based analytics company that was contracted in US President Donald Trump's election campaign.


    Is it possible to be too data driven?

    News, Sutapa Amornvivat, Published on 21/02/2018

    » Today, the most successful tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon make business decisions informed by the wealth of data that they possess. Being "data-driven'' has become the new imperative for companies striving to become competitive in the modern landscape.

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