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    How safe is the cloud?

    Business, Published on 18/12/2018

    » Nearly a quarter of all data stored online is now categorised as sensitive, putting more organisations of all sizes at risk if it is stolen or leaked, the cybersecurity company McAfee has warned.

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    Do you have a fear of spying?

    Life, James Hein, Published on 11/10/2017

    » So how safe do you feel in your home security-wise? I'm not thinking of malware but the ability for someone to snoop on you visually or through audio. There have been some concerns about devices like the Amazon Echo and similar being used to tap into what you are saying with everything recorded on servers that authorities could get from say Amazon.

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    EMC Announces Major Data Lake Advancements: New Isilon ...

    By prnews, Created on: 04/12/2015, Last updated on: 04/12/2015

    » [b:1rdjw3zp][size=150:1rdjw3zp]EMC Announces Major Data Lake Advancements: New Isilon Offerings Span Edge, Core and Cloud[/size:1rdjw3zp][/b:1rdjw3zp] [i:1rdjw3zp][size=85:1rdjw3zp]Data Lake 2.0 Strategy Encompasses New Core Features, Software-Defined Edge Product and Hybrid Cloud Capabilities[/size:1rdjw3zp][/i:1rdjw3zp]...

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    TCC Technology Officially Announced COSN Partnership and ...

    By prnews, Created on: 13/07/2015, Last updated on: 13/07/2015

    » [b:gnmblaec][size=150:gnmblaec]TCC Technology Officially Announced COSN Partnership and Pioneered Cloud Computing Provisioning in Thailand Using Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Technology[/size:gnmblaec][/b:gnmblaec] [attachment=0:gnmblaec]TCC-Technology-Officially-Announced-COSN.jpg[/attachment:gnmblaec]...

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