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    High concept

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 28/09/2016

    » Entang Wiharso, Geraldine Javier, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhao Zhao -- I've Googled them, and yes, they are all huge in the contemporary art world.

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    Think more carefully

    News, Postbag, Published on 15/02/2016

    » T Hinker ("Abused by the men in orange", Postbag, Feb 14) is accurate in referring to the corrupt commercialism of Thai Buddhism. But when he refers to Buddhism as a "simple philosophy of naive intent" it is he who is being naive.

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    Tackling child pornography on all fronts

    Life, Yvonne Bohwongprasert, Published on 23/09/2015

    » To stem the proliferation of child pornography in Thailand I believe it will take more than just a stringent set of penalties for offenders.

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    Developing a credit record as a freelancer

    Business, Published on 06/10/2014

    » nnn I borrowed a student loan and will graduate this year. I will have a grace period on the loan for two years after graduation. I have a freelance job that provides mostly steady income every month and I think I will keep it. My pay goes into a savings account without withholding tax, which could cause me difficulty in getting loan approval in the future, as there is no firm evidence of my income. Over the next two years I plan to buy a car or a condo near my workplace, but I'm concerned about how to make the bank believe I can repay debt since I'm a freelancer. Should I start paying off the student loan now to create a good credit profile? Does the bank take payments into account when it comes to housing or car loan approvals, especially for freelancers? Can I start paying off my student loan ahead of the specified date?

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    Jetts emerges as Thailand’s fastest-growing fitness chain

    By prnews, Created on: 18/10/2018, Last updated on: 18/10/2018

    » [attachment=2:3jlbxwzx]highlight.JPG[/attachment:3jlbxwzx][b:3jlbxwzx]Jetts emerges as Thailand’s fastest-growing fitness chain with the number of its clubs increasing 4 folds in 9 months[/b:3jlbxwzx] Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, a pioneering 24/7 fitness chain, has become the fastest-growing fitness...

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    Condo for sale near BTS Sala Daeng, MRT Silom (Bann Piya Sat

    By wichuda, Created on: 04/11/2015, Last updated on: 04/11/2015

    » Condo for sale near BTS Sala Daeng, MRT SiLom (Bann Piya Sathorn) [b:16qsv75h] Baan Piya Sathorn Size 185 Sqm 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms Sale 22,000,000 Baht[/b:16qsv75h] [b:16qsv75h] Contact: Please call 083-9974121 (Wichuda)[/b:16qsv75h] Baan Piya Sathorn situated in the heart of Sathorn’s downtown...

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