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    Surprisingly, your personal data isn't safe with Facebook

    Life, James Hein, Published on 10/10/2018

    » Facebook has been in the news recently having large numbers of public profiles harvested by marketing conglomerates. Estimates from this incident alone range from 50 to 90 million users and there may be a lot more. The "more" part comes from the user search and account recovery features that may have been abused to scrape up to 2 billion or more accounts. In other words, if you are on Facebook and have any kind of public profile someone has more info on you than you might like. The feature has since been turned off but not before a lot of information went to the marketers.

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    Asian markets boosted by US data

    Published on 03/12/2014

    » HONG KONG — Asian markets mostly rose for a second straight day Wednesday, following another slate of impressive US data that helped the dollar march towards the 120-yen mark for the first time in seven years.

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    Design and the bottom line

    Business, Published on 22/05/2019

    » 2019 promises to deliver incredible new developments in the way designers approach customer experience. Improvements in personalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling independent designers and marketing professionals alike to create experiences that truly delight their customers.

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    What’s trending and happening this week

    Muse, Published on 08/07/2017

    » 1. This famed American eatery is known for its New York-styled pizza and gourmet salads, but this season they're cooking up Eastern deliciousness. Dean & Deluca have joined hands with Macao Tourism to create an array of authentic Macanese dishes ranging from tamarind pork with balichao, African chicken and hot Macao-style milk tea. The collaboration will showcase the unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese cuisines. Experience the island without having to fly there at Dean & Deluca MahaNakhon Cube, Central Embassy, EmQuartier, The Crystal and Bluport Hua Hin, until October.

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    Tablets: Acer's new touchscreen models

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 27/04/2011

    » Android's open technology let's a hundred new flowers bloom with Acer's new tablets offering new features not found in the IPad.

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    Blackberry tablet computer

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 19/01/2011

    » Reading a Blackberry tablet may soon be as common as tapping out a message on the Blackberry's ubiquitous mobile phone keyboard.

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