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    Pre-Marital Sex. - Part I.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/06/2003, Last updated on: 26/04/2007

    » Hello Mr. Rooster ; I moved this discussion to this more appropriate thread. Mr. Rooster wrote : "People are like animals, and their sexual drives will involve some types of pre-marital sex. So prostitution will be there to provide needed service. " The sexual urge is indeed extraordinarily powerful,...

    • Anonymous commented : ult Offenders (apparently the data is from 1994), it lists the percentage of rape offenders who said they were married at the time of the offense 22.1%. Divorced 28.5%, separated 6.2%, never married 42%, widowed 1.2%. Once again this doesn't say 'HAPPILY married', only 'married'. Even more revealing is the data on age of the offenders : .6% less than age 18, 33.7% ages 18-24, 20.9% ages 25-29, 17.7% ages 30-34, 10.9% ages 35-39, 4.1% ages 40-44, 4.8% ages 45-49, 2.9% ages 50-55, 3.2% ages 55-59, 1.3% ages 60 and over. This seems to strongly validate my post below. So when the question comes up as to where is all the sexual violence in the world coming from, the answer is really quite simple. It is coming from unmarried males between the ages of 18 and 35 (oh, that's me!). It is not coming from happily married males of similar ages. Therefore, as more and more women choose to delay marriage (for whatever reason), this doesn't lead to a happier society. It leads to a more violent society. Now that we know what the problem is, does anybody have any good ideas on how to stop this very unfortunate trend in Thailand? Does anybody (besides Rooster) care? I would hope so, but it doesn't look like it from the number of posts to this thread. I have a lot more to say about this issue, but it looks like I am just wasting time and bandwidth. Cheers!

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    Solar Power

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/03/2005, Last updated on: 31/03/2015

    » I dont understand why Thailand is not using the sun which is there 365 days/year. Can anybody tell me ? I am in the process of building a house but when it comes to solar energy i might have to import myself to only then be confronted with a high import tax on such products. And that while closing...

    • NodBad commented : visit. I took NASA insolation data for the site, multiplied by the collector area and allowed them an efficiency of about 30%. I then found the price paid by the Thai government for solar (8 baht per kWh). The pay back time was in a matter of a few years. I contacted them with this info and the Thai govt. website to bring distributed power onto the grid and asked if they would like to connect and could I come and see the engine running? No reply. (Just checked their site and seen different figures again) If they really can knock these units out at the price and performance claimed surely with a bit of marketing every factory owner and many private individuals in the country would want one? I have long felt that the solar solution should be to ditch NASA levels of tech and certainly to abandon Photovoltaics until the price drops by 80%. The answer is to make concentrating units (mirrors) as cheap and scruffy as is necessary to make them economical. I've built accurate parabolic troughs with school kids. A sheet of bendy mirror board, some scrap timber a tape measure and a pocket calculator hits the spot. Phillips made portable stirling engine generators in the 50s at affordable prices. They need have little more technology or cost than a lawnmower engine. ECC seemed to be approaching the ideal I'd dreamed of but are sat on their knowledge. Go on; someone rowst 'em up and buy one and publicise it. I dare ya! links:

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    Nuclear Power for Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 04/09/2007, Last updated on: 09/07/2014

    » The Prime Minister has explained the plan for a nuclear power plant to produce energy for Thailand and help Thailand move away from reliance on oil and gas. Thailand is a net importer of energy, getting much of its energy from the middle east at a huge cost to the country. Added to that the use of...

    • drake commented : ational analysis of empirical data. Where are the numbers to support your conjecture that all, or even a [i:1xt2x12w]significant[/i:1xt2x12w] many for that matter, nuclear reactors are doomed to a catastrophic end ? [quote:1xt2x12w]I would not want anyone to believe what I say without checking for themselves. So for any that are interested, just google Nuclear Leaks, you will likely learn that I have not parroted words for anti-nukes kooks.[/quote:1xt2x12w] As we are discussing nuclear power generation in specific and NOT radioactive material/leak in general, as such, you are rudely wasting people's time telling them to go down the google rabbit hole to look for data that does not exist. Out of thousands of reactors ever built/operated world wide there were less than ten reactor accidents involving release of radioactive material in to the environment to date, less that 100 dead in total. One in BKK has been operating for over 30 years with no incident. Don't be telling anyone to go gooling for the [i:1xt2x12w]list of reactors[/i:1xt2x12w] for the exact number either. Small research reactors aren't listed, neither are the ones belonging to the military, nor the RTG/thermopiles the Russians scattered all over creation during the USSR years. [quote:1xt2x12w]Also when a government finds itself short of money as all governments to from time to time, the over sight of industry becomes painfully weak. [/quote:1xt2x12w] Uh, right, so now that we are in a lull after a MAJOR global financial FUBAR that puts most government of the world deep in debts, how many nuclear accident caused by lax in regulation due to financial constraints can you point me to ? For that matter, how many in history ? So, Chicken Little, why so down on radiation ? It's all around us all the time and thousands of radioactive particles hit our body every minute of our lives. On an average day, at an average location on earth, one can expect to see 10-100 gamma particle hits per square centimeter per minute, easily tripling that number during a solar max period or at high altitude (fly much?). Having said that, how many gamma particle does it take to trigger a genetic mutation in a cell theoretically ? One.

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    Living in an Isarn Village

    By Anonymous, Created on: 01/01/2008, Last updated on: 17/04/2010

    » I have been several times visiting my girlfriend’s village in Isarn, near Mukdahan. First time I was there I felt in love with the place and immediately wanted to build a house and spend part of my time living there. The place appeared to me so nice and authentic, the rice fields, the vegetation,...

    • Anonymous commented : for your precise and valuable data. I don’t know anything about Thai law but more or less I could guess that Thailand it is not precisely the American “Far West”. Always is good to know where you stand and what your rights are. I just hope that I will never have to get involve in any judicial battle, just got the feelings that the odds would be against you. Thanks again, Juan

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    Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals

    By Voice, Created on: 19/01/2009, Last updated on: 17/06/2009

    » Writer jailed for 'insulting' Thai royals Australian writer Harry Nicolaides is jailed for three years after being found guilty of insulting the Thai monarchy in his novel. Today news from the BBC, after heard the news I thought that maybe it time that maybe we should all discussing this kind of...

    • Profiler commented : s. please be informed that he data we gave you comes from the doj of YOUR country. if YOU say the u.s. department of justice (doj) is [color=#FF0000:19wycxf6]'ranting'[/color:19wycxf6], up to YOU ... and you sure have the guts to accuse the u.s. of [color=#FF0000:19wycxf6]NOT having a legit government[/color:19wycxf6]. we are a group of friends from trang, south thailand, sharing the joy & burden to communicate ideas with you, learning & practising english with the help of our oxford english dictionary & the nectec LEXiTRON Dictionary. we kindly ask you: if you are outside thailand, kybms! if you are inside thailand, observe the rules of hospitality.[/quote:19wycxf6] Scy, please take your vitamines... Thailand doesn´t have a legit government... US has, so to compare these two is like comparing apples and oranges... If the cops in Thailand were doing their job, how do you think that statistics would look?

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    Baht too strong - urgently needs freedom to float

    By oldexplorer, Created on: 12/03/2009, Last updated on: 04/11/2015

    » As the massive Chinese economy begins a freefall descent in response to the Western financial collapse, the Abhisit government needs to assist Thai exports by allowing the Baht to float downwards. Keeping the Baht slavishly locked to the US Dollar is short-sighted, and will simply make Thai exports...

    • Ian commented : 9s] They will both get their data from the same sources, my link gives a more detailed graph.

    • DKO commented : 8ge] They will both get their data from the same sources, my link gives a more detailed graph.[/quote:19q2i8ge] Thanks Ian, Suspected that may be the case

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    Re: Farangs Barred From Buying Thai Land

    By pachangamac042, Created on: 27/05/2009, Last updated on: 22/12/2015

    » [quote="Papadragon":19d1c84s] [b:19d1c84s]Foreigners cannot use a Thai spouse as a nominee to buy property in Thailand, however. “If the Thai spouse has enough money to buy the house that is fine, but if the Thai has no money and uses money given to him or her by a foreigner to acquire...

    • Sean Moran commented : need to cut&paste all the data into a text file before deleting it, and no need for PMs. It's much easier to complain about a topic that has been locked temporarily until further notice than to have to remember what to whinge about over a topic that has been deleted and can't be restored anyway. To everything there is a season...

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    The Thai Business’s Readiness on the H1N1 Influenza A Threat

    By prnews, Created on: 23/06/2009, Last updated on: 23/06/2009

    » [img:eb1wsc01][/img:eb1wsc01] Bangkok, 25 June 2552: Representatives for private sector and Thailand eminent not-for-profit organizations which consist of Influenza Foundation (Thailand), Thailand Management Association, the Thai Chamber of...

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    » According to Peter Airasian, the author of education assessment textbooks, "assessment is the process of collecting, synthesizing and interpreting information to aid classroom decision-making. It includes information gathered about pupils, instruction and classroom climate". I particularly like this definition because it is comprehensive. When taken seriously and applied in schools, this approach to assessment produces a significant difference in the way students learn and continue learning.

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