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    Myanmar's shirked duty

    News, Editorial, Published on 08/10/2018

    » Last Thursday, police arrested two men in Ayutthaya for possession of drugs. They were driving a pickup with 700 one-kilogramme bags of crystal methamphetamine, a so-called recreational drug without medical or social value.

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    Seize the drugs nettle

    News, Editorial, Published on 05/04/2016

    » A recent series of arrests and seizures by anti-drug forces is a rare ray of optimism in the fight for a rational drug-control policy. But they also revived serious questions and brought more confusion to the problem. It is clear that some countries in the region are keen to take more responsibility while suffering more losses than others. And it seems while authorities have a somewhat tenuous handle on who is controlling drug trafficking, efforts to deal with the kingpins are ineffective at best.

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    Lack of unity in drug sweep

    News, Editorial, Published on 28/02/2018

    » The government has launched yet another series of anti-drugs sweep aimed at taming the North. They are part of the decades-old campaign to wipe out trafficking in illicit drugs. Authorities came up with reports to the public that had a very tired look and feel. A one-month "massive" suppression campaign resulted in the arrests of 63 suspects, the seizure of many kilogrammes of drugs and the unsurprising discovery of some 241 million baht of "assets" -- cash, gold, cars and motorcycles, up-scale homes, land and condominiums.

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    No sign of drug reform

    News, Editorial, Published on 16/01/2019

    » The Ministry of Defence has weighed in on drug trafficking but in the most familiar manner. Briefed by his boss, Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, ministry spokesman Kongcheep Tantravanich repeated an official litany that is no longer impressive. In short, drug seizures are up, drug arrests continue to increase. As a reporter for this newspaper wrote, this combination of factors "will pave the way for more arrests".

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    Double-faced drugs policy

    News, Editorial, Published on 20/11/2018

    » The government has become somewhat schizophrenic about its policies on banned drugs. It has sent mixed signals about the path to legalising medical marijuana. Providing a programme leading to the needed reform of law on illicit drugs is even less clear. In just the past few weeks, senior officials and ministers have indicated, rather, that they expect to renew and redoubled the "war on drugs" policies that have failed so badly.

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    No need for a rush on bans

    News, Editorial, Published on 15/01/2018

    » While most people agree with the statement that we live in a complicated world, a huge number argue for what they claim to be simple solutions. Nowhere is this more common than in addressing criminal, anti-social or harmful goods and behaviour. Some people favour strict laws that ban goods and behaviour. But bans almost never result in completely halting their target. In most cases, regulation beats bans hands down.

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    Drug fight off the rails

    News, Editorial, Published on 18/10/2017

    » The government continues to press on with its failed war on drugs, when the country would be better served by a serious effort to reform this old programme. Last week, secretary-general of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board Sirinya Sitdhichai announced the agency was to assume yet another new power. He says he and ONCB enforcement agents can now hold parcel delivery firms responsible if they carry drugs.

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    Drug payoffs thwart action

    News, Editorial, Published on 27/10/2015

    » A group of concerned Myanmar citizens has made the biggest advance in the struggle against illicit drugs in many years. The grassroots group, which calls itself the Kachin Anti-Drug Committee, has taken action where government authorities have fallen short.

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