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    Apple versus Samsung: It's a battle of the 8s

    Life, James Hein, Published on 27/09/2017

    » The big news from the usual sources is the new iPhone 8. After reading some of the specs and comparisons with the Samsung S8 and Note 8, I am a bit confused. Reviewers crow about facial recognition for the new iPhone, but the S8 range already has it. They go on about the edge-to-edge screen, but Samsung has had that for a few models now. In fact, almost point by point the Samsung range already has all the features of the iPhone 8 but at a lower price point, and that's before the Note 8 comes out.

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    Raising the bar on performance

    Life, James Hein, Published on 13/09/2017

    » Have you ever wondered why sometimes you have full bars on your phone and a few steps later none? Worse if you are in one room of your house it's all good but elsewhere no bars. There are many factors that can affect your reception including distance from your cell tower, the number of people using the network, what is in between cell towers and you and more.

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    The game as it changes

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 01/02/2017

    » Some experts believe that new service businesses such as Airbnb, Uber and those functioning as middlemen or matchmakers between users and services will face a tough time when Blockchain technology becomes prevalent.

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