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    INTERNET SITE of the Week

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 13/10/2010

    » Mind your manners! And if you don't know how, you'll want to pay a visit to The Emily Post Institute Etipedia at, an electronic database of social dos and don'ts, with additional rules about how to behave while on the Internet and composing email (necessary, if some of my correspondence is any indication _ it's extremely easy to come across as rude and abrupt in email since you're not there, in person, to see the reaction of the person reading your email. It can be difficult to tell if one is joking or serious, being ironic or purposefully unpleasant, with those visual cues from normal conversation).

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    Internet Site of theWeek

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 29/09/2010

    » Keeping track of the Internet is no easy task, but has found a niche for itself by doing just that. It's a fascinating site to visit to see what's popular, which websites are the most visited, who's in the top 10, even have a peek at the volume of your own traffic to your own website.

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    Internet Site of the Week

    Gotfried. K, Published on 21/07/2010

    » Television on the Web will soon be a reality thanks to the ever-increasing size of information pipes and the ever-increasing quality of the information being pumped through those pipes. Unfortunately, many of the websites that offer streaming of television shows only work in the US or in whatever country in which they originate. Here at Internet Site of the Week, we've found another option for our readers, called Podly, located at And, for the time being at least, it works in the Kingdom perfectly fine.

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    Spoilt for choice

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 04/08/2010

    » If you're sniffing around for the right office products to buy, you'll be happy to know that you've never had more choices, and that many of those choices are completely free.

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    Internet site of the Week

    Database, Gotfried. K, Published on 17/03/2010

    » Quickly becoming one of my favourite Internet sites, is the perfect fit for those living in the Kingdom wanting to find good television programming to watch and not finding it on UBC. Or is it True now? Or True Visions? Or whatever it is. And the best thing about it is that it's free and allows users outside of the US to view the content.

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