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    From financial crisis to resilience

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 24/01/2012

    » The development of Thailand's financial sector has been a story of restructuring, adjustment and renewal, following the devastating effects of the Asian financial crisis of 1997.


    The world must help Myanmar to grow

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 10/04/2012

    » Last week was an exciting and historic time for Myanmar, a country that has been in international isolation for nearly a quarter of a decade. On April 1, the Myanmar government launched two important and far-reaching political and economic reforms: the holding of landmark by-elections, which has been described by foreign observers as free and fair, and the introduction of a managed float of its national currency, the kyat, which symbolically put an end to the old economic system and management based on heavy state intervention and control.


    Resting on recovery laurels

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 24/07/2012

    » The first six months of 2012 witnessed an uneasy period for Thailand as the economy attempted to regain traction from one of the country's worst floods - which struck in the second half of last year - while coping with the global downturns caused by the European sovereign debt crisis.


    Capital flows pose new risks

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 14/08/2012

    » Those who have worked at central banks for 15 years or more will have now witnessed two major financial crises that have put the role of these institutions in managing capital flows and financial stability under the spotlight.


    Solving private sector corruption

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 11/09/2014

    » It takes two to tango, and the same goes for corruption. Since bribery involves those who pay and those who get paid, this puts a spotlight on the private sector — seen as the supply side of corruption — and specifically on its role in combatting graft.


    Asia needs policies to avert crisis

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 05/10/2015

    » The last 20 years have been eventful for "Emerging Asia" in terms of policy management as the region survived two major financial crises while seeing the risk of yet another one looming large.


    Thai economy needs new growth drivers

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 21/09/2016

    » The state of the global economy today is disjointed and complicated. To understand this complexity, derived from many countervailing forces, one needs to differentiate the short-term outlook from the longer-term challenges.


    Marking 20 years after Asian financial crisis

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 29/06/2017

    » The devaluation of the baht in July 1997 was a pivotal moment for Asia and the world, not least because it triggered the onset of a major financial crisis, with a contagion that for the first time spread globally. The crisis also brought about an important rebalancing in the global economy as countries in Asia underwent a long and painful period of reform only to emerge much stronger 10 years later to withstand the effects of the global financial crisis of 2008 and lead the world economy in terms of global growth. It was a remarkable story of a successful crisis, a story that needs to be understood and celebrated.


    It's time for public sector to get on board

    News, Bandid Nijathaworn, Published on 23/04/2018

    » Last year was the 20th anniversary of the Asian Financial Crisis, a crisis which touched off a journey towards better governance throughout Asia. Thailand is no exception. Since then, continuous efforts have been made by the country's regulators, companies, and market participants alike to improve the policies and practices of corporate governance of Thai companies.

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