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    Bitter struggle puts reform process at risk

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 07/02/2012

    » Myanmar's reform process is in the balance as the hardliners and liberals in government are locked in a bitter power struggle. Change in Myanmar remains fragile, despite encouraging signs and growing goodwill towards President Thein Sein internationally. So far there have been a lot of good intentions, but this has only produced limited practical change, according to analysts.


    Hardliners sulk as Suu Kyi shines

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 22/02/2012

    » Much is riding on the outcome of the forthcoming polls in Myanmar, and more particularly the way in which these by-elections are conducted.


    First stop Thailand, then Europe for democracy icon

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 28/05/2012

    » Myanmar's charismatic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is preparing to make her first foray outside the country in almost a quarter of a century.


    Thein Sein appoints 'super cabinet'

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 04/09/2012

    » After months of speculation and rumours, Myanmar's president Thein Sein has created a "super" cabinet in order to deflect attention from his besieged administration, riven with divisions and inertia.


    Election fever grips Myanmar, 2 years ahead of time

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 13/05/2013

    » Myanmar's next national elections - more than two years away - are already preoccupying the country's leaders and the opposition. "Everyone is focused on 2015," said a Myanmar government official, who declined to be identified. "All the parties have started to gear up for the next election campaign."


    Army key to Myanmar’s political future

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 27/03/2014

    » As the country celebrates Armed Forces Day, Myanmar’s president Thein Sein is in the throes of making an unusually decisive move aimed at ending the current political impasse. Everything is currently stalled, with the government and bureaucracy paralysed by the absorption with constitutional change and the growing preoccupation with the forthcoming elections next year.


    Stalled reforms herald a bleak future

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 10/12/2014

    » With elections planned for this time next year, Myanmar's future is at a critical crossroads. At the same time, there is increased confusion over attempts to change the constitution and introduce proportional representation rather than the first past the post system as in previous elections.The speaker of the lower house Shwe Mann has announced there will be a referendum in May next year on some proposed amendments to the constitution, but that the charter will remain relatively unchanged before next year's election.Meanwhile, the National League for Democracy (NLD) is continuing its campaign to change the constitution, although it concedes this is unlikely before the next election. 


    Ruling party prepares to go to polls

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 29/05/2015

    » Myanmar's ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) is getting ready for the forthcoming elections amid increased internal tension and uncertainty over its political future. "There is a very real danger of the party splitting," said a USDP MP on condition of anonymity.


    Presidential rivals gear up for race

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 29/07/2015

    » Myanmar's elections are only three months away and the battle to become the country's next president is already in full swing, with the current incumbent seeking a second term in office. The two goliaths within the governing party — the current president Thein Sein and the speaker of the lower house, Shwe Mann, are the leading contenders.The Union Solidarity Party (USDP) has been a two-headed dragon, with both of them vying for control of the party and government policy: with the party's presidential nomination the key prize. But the battle for the presidency is far from being a two-horse race.


    Ceasefire marks flawed first steps to peace

    News, Larry Jagan, Published on 14/10/2015

    » On Thursday, Thein Sein's government will sign a permanent ceasefire pact with eight of Myanmar's ethnic rebel groups that have been fighting for independence for more than 50 years.

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