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    What's the right kind of love for King and country?

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 05/12/2015

    » When it comes to fierce, honest debates, the clashing of opposing ideas and rousing Churchillian speeches, nobody does it better than the British House of Commons.


    Thailand should emulate Japan's art of adaptation

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 03/11/2015

    » I recently embarked on a family holiday to Japan. It was only our fourth visit in 10 years. This time we paid a brief visit to Osaka and Kobe, but in my opinion, the highlight of the trip was my first ride on the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed train.


    Regime cyber walls risk freezing Thailand's progress

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 06/10/2015

    » The single internet gateway fiasco has unmasked what the military regime envisages as the kind of society Thailand should be. A single path towards "happiness", a single roadmap to Thai-style democracy, a single mindset for "Thainess", governed by a single internet gateway to ensure only the "right" information is consumed by society.


    PM needs to send the right message

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 28/09/2015

    » The recent discovery of two guardian deity sculptures at the Bangkok City Pillar Shrine is of significance for Thailand, and due credit must be given to the War Veterans Organisation and the Fine Arts Department. I have a penchant for historical and cultural artefacts that tell us more about who we are and where we came from as a nation. We are blessed with such an abundantly beautiful and rich cultural heritage, something which we unfortunately take for granted.


    Prayut's stance at UN must stand the test of logic

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 21/09/2015

    » As a Thai citizen I would like to wish Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his delegation good luck on his imminent visit to the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York.


    We need a British governance model, not North Korean

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 09/09/2015

    » Last week I was honoured to have been invited to speak at The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT), along with distinguished panelists like Khun Burin Kantabutra and ML Nattakorn Devakula. It was an evening of insightful discussion on the uncertain future Thailand faces, especially in light of the new constitution, which was evidently stillborn on Sunday.


    Charter to deal us a crippling blow

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 01/09/2015

    » After scanning through what might be Thailand's 20th constitution in more than 80 years, I have to say, in my view it is a nasty piece of work. Imagine the most conniving characters in all of fiction, like Cruella de Vil, Fagin, Lex Luther and Hamlet, got together and decided to write a new constitution for Thailand. This draft would easily be something they could have come up with.


    Thailand needs a new constitution free from fear

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 18/08/2015

    » In the entire history of the world, human beings have come up with some pretty outrageous ideas, like the man who solved the problem of his low ceiling by chopping off his legs. In my view, the Constitution Drafting Committee's (CDC) so-called crisis committee, inserted in the draft constitution, is a far worse idea. The Borwornsak draft constitution has hit a new low, because the crisis committee will essentially attempt to institutionalise military coups. It will seek to legitimise the illegitimate and make lawful what is inherently unlawful, which is an abomination to the very concept and study of law. It is nothing less than constitutional heresy!


    Thailand urgently needs to tackle development traps

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 28/07/2015

    » About two weeks ago while having supper with my family, my wife received a phone call from former prime minister Anand Panyarachun. So far, so good. But when my wife turned the phone over to me and said, "Khun Anand wants a quick chat with you", my instincts told me I had written something irritating and was about to be lectured by a former prime minster. However, my concerns quickly dissipated, because to my surprise I had just earned a different kind of lecture: an invitation to the Amartya Sen lecture series which was held last Tuesday at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok. Phew! Dodged another bullet.


    Thailand on global trial

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 15/07/2015

    » As a direct result of the military coup in 2014, all international observers have their eyes on Thailand. We are in the spotlight, but not in a good way. Instead of proudly taking our place on the world stage with dignity and honour, Thailand finds itself on trial by the international community.

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