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    Stop creep of 'full Sharia'

    News, Editorial, Published on 11/04/2019

    » On Tuesday, an LGBTI group protested outside the Brunei embassy in Bangkok, rallying against the tiny oil-rich nation's imposition on April 3 of full Sharia law, which among other barbaric acts punishes sodomy by stoning offenders to death.


    Thailand holding out for a hero

    News, Ploenpote Atthakor, Published on 22/08/2018

    » In recent years, the world has grieved the loss of quite a few great people who were known for their integrity and courage.


    Government must back sea talks

    News, Editorial, Published on 27/02/2017

    » The threat of clashes has increased lately over China's claim it owns the South China Sea. A US navy task force led by the formidable aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is conducting "routine operations" in the area. Both Vietnam and Taiwan have copied China's construction of artificial islands with military facilities. Beijing has continued to fortify its new islands, with buildings believed capable of housing missiles. They would be the first land-based weapons in the Spratly Islands where international flashpoints and tensions increase almost by the day.


    Leaders are setting a self-serving agenda

    News, Published on 16/02/2016

    » In a conversation last year with author Marilynn Robinson, US President Barack Obama said he learns all things important from books.

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