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    Trump, Kim can learn lots from city-state

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 13/06/2018

    » US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are spending such a short amount of time in Singapore this week. Maybe they should stick around longer to see what makes its economy tick. Singapore is an especially wealthy nation, with a per capita income of about US$90,000 (2.8 million baht), well above that of the US. But how is this prosperity maintained, and why has Singapore commanded so much admiration from liberals and conservatives alike?


    Ethiopia follows China's footsteps

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 30/05/2018

    » Will Ethiopia become "the China of Africa"? The question often comes up in an economic context: Ethiopia's growth rate is expected to be 8.5% this year, topping China's projected 6.5%. Over the past decade, Ethiopia has averaged about 10% growth.


    Pyongyang playing long game, unlike Washington

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 19/10/2017

    » If we think through the North Korea nuclear weapons dilemma using game theory, one aspect of the problem deserves more attention, namely the age of the country's leader, Kim Jong-un: 33. Because peaceful exile doesn't appear to be an option -- his escaping the country safely would be hard -- Mr Kim needs strategies for hanging on to power for 50 years or more. That's a tall order, but it helps us understand that his apparently crazy tactics are probably driven by some very reasonable calculations, albeit selfish and evil ones.


    Germany is the Silicon Valley of political innovation

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 01/06/2017

    » One of the more significant quotations of last week came from President Donald Trump, when he reportedly described the Germans as "bad, very bad", referring to their automobile exports. He returned to the theme on Tuesday.


    How China beats the US at progress with clean air

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 22/12/2016

    » As Beijing and more than 20 other cities in northern China have been plunged into another winter air-pollution crisis, with choking, toxic air and many people afraid to wander outside, observers wonder when China will start making significant progress on this problem. But there is some good news, namely that when it comes to clean air improvements, China probably is ahead of the historic pace of the US at a comparable stage of economic development.


    Beijing cannot prevent a real crash

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 27/10/2016

    » After many years of 7-10% growth, economies tend to overheat, creating bubbles that burst. That's what happened to South Korea and Japan in the 1980s and 1990s. But China's economy keeps plugging along (though probably not at its published growth rate of 6.7%), defying the predictions of doomsaying pundits. Some indicators show a recovery this year.


    Coups don't depress economic growth

    News, Tyler Cowen, Published on 19/07/2016

    » As the chaos in Turkey is starting to clear, investors are asking what the failed coup might mean for the country's economic future. The news stories show many conflicting elements in play, and right now it is hard to make specific verifiable claims about what the country can expect. We can, however, turn to the broader historical record, and that suggests failed coup attempts against democratic governments don't much lower subsequent rates of economic growth in those countries.

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