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    Time for a Seoul-Tokyo peace pact

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 12/08/2019

    » I love kimchi and I love ramen. I love the bushido way of life and Japanese humility, and I love South Koreans' resilience and devotion to education that helped them lift their country from poverty after World War II to become an Asian economic powerhouse. And in my opinion, both South Koreans and Japanese are among the nicest people in the world.


    Army unwilling to yield to democracy

    News, Erich Parpart, Published on 31/07/2019

    » For the country like Thailand where the military staged two putsches within the past 13 years, a coup d'état should no longer be necessary.


    Hong Kong violence has to end

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 29/07/2019

    » It all began with hundreds of thousands of people marching through the streets of Hong Kong against a proposed extradition law. It was a sight to behold because it was a non-violent protest against a repressive law that would have allowed the Communist Party of China to pursue its political opponents in the self-ruled city, dare I say, country. Then it turned ugly.


    Cost of doing business in Land of Smiles

    News, Erich Parpart, Published on 15/07/2019

    » Several government megaprojects and ultra-lucrative concessions have long been a source of alleged corruption, questionable monopolies or "stupid" state incompetency in Thailand to the point it is sad that no one has been willing to do anything about it all these years.


    PM's book choice baffles nation

    News, Erich Parpart, Published on 04/06/2019

    » When I saw the headline, that Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha had recommended the people he is repressing read George Orwell's Animal Farm, I thought it was fake news from a parody page.


    British, Thai democratic systems can't be compared

    News, Erich Parpart, Published on 30/05/2019

    » The National Council for Peace and Order's (NCPO) appointment of their allies, friends and family members to sit in the 250-member Senate has turned the NCPO members, particularly its leader and incumbent premier Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha into the subjects of accusations of nepotism.


    Duterte can run but he can't hide

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 25/03/2019

    » Last week the Philippines became the second country in the world to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) after Burundi, which left in 2017. Many observers, myself included, see this as an attempt to evade an investigation into President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drugs, but it is not going to work.


    Keeping the bombs at bay

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 04/03/2019

    » Trump-Kim Summit 2.0 began in a climate of optimism, with some people saying a formal end to the Korean War and complete denuclearisation of the North was in sight, but it was not to be. Disappointment quickly turned to alarm when two other nuclear-armed states -- India and Pakistan -- started sparring.


    Media freedom in the dock

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 18/02/2019

    » The decision by Philippine authorities to arrest journalist Maria Ressa and the move by Thailand’s broadcast regulator to suspend the broadcaster Voice TV are the latest examples of how press freedom in Southeast Asia is deteriorating.


    Hope for refugee children

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 28/01/2019

    » The cause of children's rights got a lift last week when immigration police in Thailand announced that they would stop holding migrant and refugee children in the country's crowded immigration detention facilities.

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