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    Washington pulling back from the world

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 04/04/2016

    » For many in the US, the attacks on Brussels must have felt like more of the same. Once again, militants struck, the systems designed to stop them failed and all the blood and treasure of 15 years of "war on terror" appear more wasted than ever.


    Trump's brave new world of Twitter diplomacy

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 08/12/2016

    » When it comes to managing relations with China, Donald Trump is tearing up the rulebook. First by using Twitter to announce his telephone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, and then in his Sunday afternoon complaints over Beijing's economic and military policy.


    Kim knows exactly what he's doing

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 10/03/2017

    » With a suspected role in the assassination of his estranged half-brother and a string of increasingly aggressive missile tests, the North Korean leader appears to be testing the patience not just of Washington but also his key ally, China. It's a high-stakes game that may push the region into the worst conflict it has ever seen. Kim Jong-un's actions have a ruthless internal logic, however, and while he has a plan, there is no sign that anyone has a coherent strategy for stopping him.


    Syria, NK a fine balancing act for US

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 14/04/2017

    » If there were ever any doubt that US President Donald Trump's strike against Syria was also intended to send a message to Pyongyang, the deployment this weekend of a US carrier strike group towards the Korean Peninsula should have cleared it up.


    Calm down, America. Attacks won't break Britain

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 08/06/2017

    » When I rolled my wheelchair out of my apartment block on Sunday morning -- mere hours after three attackers killed seven a few hundred yards away in London Bridge and Borough Market -- the most striking thing was the sense of calm.


    China mimics Orwellian dystopia

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 18/10/2017

    » As tens of thousands of Chinese drinkers walked into a beer festival in the eastern port city of Qingdao in August, a software programme scanned their pictures. Those identified as being on a police list of wanted persons were pinpointed in less than a second. By the end of the three-week event, authorities had made 25 arrests, including one of someone on the run for a decade. According to police, the programme had correctly matched faces in 98% of cases.


    From Trump to Europe crises, what to watch in 2018

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 29/12/2017

    » Professional forecasters like to say that making predictions is difficult, particularly about the future. As we reach the end of 2017, however, here are some of the key themes -- and questions -- that look set to shape global events next year.


    Donald Trump gears up for the great Davos face-off

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 25/01/2018

    » Since its foundation in 1971, the World Economic Forum in Davos has been a byword for the growing consensus around an increasingly globalised world. Now, President Donald Trump is on his way to tell those who consider themselves the global elite that they have been wrong on just about everything.


    Syria strike leaves murky aftermath

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 20/04/2018

    » The US-led strikes on Syria may be over, at least for now, but the war that produced them -- as well as the wider international confrontations that fuelled it -- is only getting more complex.


    What a nuke deal with Kim Jong-un might look like

    News, Peter Apps, Published on 26/04/2018

    » For much of the last few decades, powerful speakers on the South Korean border have blasted propaganda to nearby North Koreans, everything from Korean pop songs to news about the number of cars in the affluent South. On Monday, they stopped -- the latest step in a high-stakes diplomatic dance.

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