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    China's grand plan for its Pakistani outpost

    Asia focus, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 30/05/2016

    » Like a typical school bully, China is big and strong, but it doesn't have a lot of friends. Indeed, now that the country has joined with the United States to approve new international sanctions on its former vassal state North Korea, it has just one real ally left: Pakistan.


    Capitalism not always route to democracy

    News, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 12/03/2016

    » As US President Barack Obama prepares to embark on a historic visit to Cuba this month, the future of the communist-ruled island is the subject of widespread speculation. Some observers are hoping that the ongoing shift toward capitalism, which has been occurring very gradually for five years under Raul Castro’s direction, will naturally lead Cuba toward democracy. Experience suggests otherwise.


    Enormous risk in a bottle of water

    News, Brahma Chellaney, Published on 17/09/2015

    » Over the last 15 years, the bottled-water industry has experienced explosive growth, which shows no sign of slowing. In fact, bottled water -- including everything from "purified spring water" to flavoured water and water enriched with vitamins, minerals, or electrolytes -- is the largest growth area in the beverage industry, even in cities where tap water is safe and highly regulated. But this has been a disaster for the environment and the world's poor.

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