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    UK enthusiastic about opportunities to sell to Asia

    Business, Umesh Pandey, Published on 23/01/2012

    » HONG KONG : The rise of Asia offers western countries a chance to open lucrative new markets and prosper along with the region, says Britain's top financial policymaker.


    Preparing to land

    Asia focus, Published on 02/07/2012

    » It is said that the letting go of something you love is the hardest thing to do, and the globetrotting secretary-general of Asean is certainly feeling that emotion as the end of his term approaches later this year.


    'Dangerous Partnership' under spotlight

    Business, Imtiaz Muqbil, Published on 16/07/2012

    » An investigative report issued last month by the New York-based global policy forum warns that international security contractors are becoming powers unto themselves and operating in an environment of total secrecy that is costing global taxpayers millions of dollars while doing little to improve security.


    Tackling hunger with smart supply chain

    Business, Kanishka Ghosh, Published on 01/08/2012

    » The truth is always hard. Despite all the progress humanity has made, more than a billion people in the world are still going to bed hungry each night, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). The World Health Organisation estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is underfed and one-third is starving. Further statistics reveal that someone dies of hunger every 3.6 seconds.


    Thaksin: Extend rice policy

    Published on 24/09/2012

    » The government's rice purchase programme should be extended for several more years, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Monday, rejecting criticism that it has increased public debt and encouraged corruption.


    More of the same in Malaysia

    Asia focus, Published on 07/05/2013

    » Regardless of the official results of yesterday’s election, one thing is clear — 57 years after liberation from the British empire, Malaysia has yet to liberate itself from the underlying racial-religious phobias that trouble an otherwise successful Asian economy.


    No free lunch for farmers or fat cats

    Asia focus, Published on 24/06/2013

    » At a time when the global economy is struggling to regain its footing, protests around the world — in Brazil and Indonesia, and possibly in Thailand if rice farmers make good on their threats — are adding to the climate of volatility.


    A realist at home and abroad

    Asia focus, Published on 14/08/2013

    » While little is known or written about Bhutan’s new prime minister, even in the South Asian media, Tshering Tobgay knows not only the pulse of the people of his country, but also the delicate dynamics of regional geopolitics.


    Minister on a mission

    Asia focus, Published on 18/11/2013

    » As someone who comes from a family of freedom fighters, Tariq Anwar says that getting involved in public service was inspired by the atmosphere he grew up in. His interest began in childhood and grew as the years have gone by.


    Bhutan seeks to spread happiness with electric cars

    Asia focus, Published on 09/12/2013

    » Is Bhutan ready for even “happier” times? While the world is mired in the politics of climate change, Bhutan has announced that it will replace all its government vehicles and taxis with electric cars.

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