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    Do you really have corruption under control(s)?

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 10/04/2017

    » Internal controls are a critical but still poorly understood component of any anti-corruption programme. According to the 2016 Thailand Economic Crime Survey by PwC, 80% of companies in Thailand say they have a formal anti-corruption programme in place and 68% rely on internal audit to ensure the effectiveness of their anti-corruption controls.


    Secondment and tax: risks of sending employees to work in Thailand

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Seconding employees has become standard practice for multinationals. Companies get internationally experienced employees with the skills to work in many cultures. Employees get to travel and expand their business and personal worlds.


    M&A: Making strategic acquisitions to achieve growth

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 25/10/2016

    » The Asean Economic Community is opening up the region to the free movement of goods and services, as well as the free flow of capital and labour. Concurrently, companies from the traditional developed economies that are experiencing little or no growth at home are seeking new opportunities in the growth markets of Southeast Asia. These forces are creating buy-side activity in the mergers and acquisitions market. Meanwhile, family-owned businesses are assessing increased competition, as well as more challenging management succession issues, which together drive sell-side considerations.


    The new Customs Act: What to expect and how to prepare

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 27/03/2017

    » After several years of discussions, the draft Customs Act was finally approved on March 9 by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA). It will replace and consolidate all current versions of the Customs Act 1926, and it is expected to be proposed for consideration by His Majesty the King within 20 days after NLA approval. Once approved and signed, it will be announced in the Royal Gazette and come into force within 180 days from the announcement date.


    The future of work and the role of HR

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 13/01/2017

    » Innovation is creating new industries and the need for different business models. New technology and social networks are having a huge impact on how people communicate, collaborate and work. Workforces will become more and more diverse with multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-located employees, and will be very challenging to manage. The key question you should be asking is how these changes will affect the way you attract, retain and motivate talent in your organisation and how your Human Resources function needs to change.


    The morning after your major acquisition …

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 24/04/2017

    » Yesterday was one of the key highlights in your career as you closed the biggest acquisition in your company's history. The acquired business is only slightly larger than your company by revenue, but has 20% fewer employees. The market anticipates that the new enlarged group will grow by more than 150% from product extensions, cross-selling, and the key talent in the management team at the acquired entity.


    Accounting changes and the meaning of 'income'

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 16/03/2018

    » Two words usually come to mind when we consider the timing of income recognition. They are "risk" and "reward". Traditionally, the revenue of a contractor can be recognised once the risk and reward have been passed to the buyer. We are very familiar with this concept as it has been in place for more than a decade. However, changes are in the pipeline.


    PwC Thailand Symposium 2017: Dealing with disruption and adapting

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 10/10/2017

    » This year, the two-day PwC Thailand Symposium 2017 combines our previous annual conferences, Financial Reporting Update and Maximise Shareholder Value. This new event will align all accounting and tax changes.


    The new world of digital labour and its effects

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 25/09/2017

    » Different forms of digital labour are affecting businesses. The question is, how can you make use of these changes? According to the research firm Forrester, by 2019 at least 25% of all tasks within any occupation will be automated in some form.


    Risk in review: Managing risks from the front line

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 12/09/2017

    » Organisations across the globe, including in Asia-Pacific, are facing an increasingly complex and evolving risk landscape. The business environment is even more volatile because of cyberthreats and increasingly sophisticated technology.

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