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    Perpetually driven

    Life, Noko, Published on 08/03/2019

    » In celebrating International Women's Day, trailblazing females named Rolex Testimonees have been put under the spotlight.

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    Sensational Salvatore

    Life, Noko, Published on 13/07/2018

    » At a tender age of 17, Salvatore Ferragamo left his home town, Bonito, in Italy to broaden his horizon in the US, where he later became a shoe designer for Hollywood celebs such as Mary Pickford, Pola Negri, Charlie Chaplin, Joan Crawford, Lilian Grish and fellow Italian Rudolph Valentino.


    Playful pampering

    Life, Noko, Published on 09/01/2018

    » Facial sheet masks have become a beauty staple, not only for an intensive treatment but for playful skin pampering as they come in various designs featuring images of animals and famed characters, from dragons and pandas to The Simpsons and Winnie the Pooh.

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    Gothic gems

    Life, Noko, Published on 07/12/2017

    » Normally presented by models femininely donning glamorous gowns, Beauty Gems new statement pieces were unorthodoxically introduced by black-clad girls bearing a Gothic look.

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    Iconic scarves

    Life, Noko, Published on 20/08/2015

    » Upon simple squares of silk, scarves have become synonymous with Hermès who introduced its first carré in 1937. The archive features thousands of different designs, and is still increasing as each season bring a new collection.

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    Vuitton channels Africa, China

    Life, Noko, Published on 20/03/2015

    » Perhaps it was a belief in Chinese astrology that motivated Louis Vuitton to release the Mask collection for the Year of the Goat, as a part of the Cruise 2015 collection.

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    The smart way to listen to your body

    Life, Noko, Published on 28/05/2019

    » Instead of following fad diets, look into your biomarkers and metabolism in order to find out what your body really needs.

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    Keeping an eye on ageing skin

    Life, Noko, Published on 31/10/2017

    » As we can't refrain from blinking or frowning, facial expressions have a lasting impact around peepers -- the first place where wrinkles appear.

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    Letting the light in right

    Life, Noko, Published on 18/04/2017

    » Braving the sun requires ultimate protection, since a tube labelled with a high SPF (sun-protection factor) and PA (protection grade of UVA) may not be enough in shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

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    Getting to the root of hair loss

    Life, Noko, Published on 18/10/2016

    » A concern among men and women alike, greying coupled with thinning hair can put years on your face. Anti-ageing treatments for hair, however, is a small and developing category compared to the myriad of wrinkle-fighting formulas for facial skin.

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