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    Freezing the damage

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 20/05/2019

    » Having travelled around the world, including to the Arctic and Antarctic, to observe, collect and study specimens with a mission to save the deteriorating planet from climate change, marine scientist Assoc Prof Suchana Chavanich and her team now have a new job description.


    Some don't like it hot

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 15/04/2019

    » The Songkran water fight is a wonderful way to cool off during the sweltering heat of the Thai summer.


    An Arctic mess

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 17/09/2018

    » When Suchana Chavanich and Voranop Viyakarn arrived at the Arctic on their recent expedition, they were sort of disappointed.


    Finding its level

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 07/06/2017

    » After two heavy downpours over the past couple of weeks, citizens have come to realise that Bangkok, even with seven drainage tunnels, is still vulnerable to flooding.


    Declaring war on diseases

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 01/02/2016

    » One month into 2016 and there's already been lots of signs that this is going to be another tough year for both global and national public health. First, let's just start with the Department of Disease Control's forecast that there will be another major dengue outbreak this year in Thailand, with the number of infected cases nationwide expected to reach 7,500 per month. In rainy season, monthly figures could skyrocket to 25,000.


    Defeating dengue

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 25/01/2016

    » After more than two months waging war against the severe form of dengue fever, Channel 3 actor Thrisadee "Por" Sahawong eventually succumbed and passed away last Monday at Ramathibodi Hospital.


    Keep calm and prevent dengue

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 17/11/2015

    » The recent news of Channel 3 actor Thrisadee "Por" Sahawong being in a coma for a week due to dengue fever has sparked a public scare about the tropical illness, mostly overlooked by people in Thailand.


    Stockpile good habits, not water

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 22/07/2015

    » Water tanks and bottled drinking water have suddenly become Thailand's most sought-after items as the country's drought crisis exacerbates. Late last month, the Provincial Waterworks Authority announced that this year's average rainfall is the lowest it has been in 30 years, meaning that the current drought is also worse.


    Polar portents

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 23/04/2014

    » Assoc Prof Suchana Chavanich recently returned from a trip which sounds like a typical holiday vacation — sightseeing, looking at sea animals, taking snapshots, diving. What made all the difference, however, was her destination.


    Partners in philanthropic planning

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 29/01/2013

    » Back in 1915 when the people of Thailand, then known as Siam, fell prey to a serious hookworm infestation, an American physician from the Rockefeller Foundation, Dr Victor Heiser, stepped off a steamship and proceeded to Bangkok for meetings scheduled with government officials to discuss ways of eradicating the parasite.

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