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    Davos fails to deliver an antidote for toxic problems

    News, Joseph Stiglitz, Published on 05/02/2018

    » I've been attending the World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos, Switzerland -- where the so-called global elite convenes to discuss the world's problems -- since 1995. Never have I come away more dispirited than I have this year.


    What America's Economy Needs from Trump

    Business, Joseph Stiglitz, Published on 21/11/2016

    » Donald Trump's astonishing victory in the United States presidential election has made one thing abundantly clear: too many Americans feel left behind. It is not just a feeling; many Americans really have been left behind. It can be seen in the data no less clearly than in their anger. And an economic system that doesn't "deliver" for large parts of the population is a failed economic system. So what should President-elect Trump do about it?


    Inequality threatens global stability

    News, Joseph Stiglitz, Published on 12/02/2013

    » In the shadow of the euro crisis and America's fiscal cliff, it is easy to ignore the global economy's long-term problems. But, while we focus on immediate concerns, they continue to fester, and we overlook them at our peril.


    Actions last year ensure more perils in 2012

    News, Joseph Stiglitz, Published on 17/01/2012

    » Last year 2011 will be remembered as the time when many ever-optimistic Americans began to give up hope. President John F Kennedy once said that a rising tide lifts all boats. But now, in the receding ebb, Americans are beginning to see not only that those with taller masts had been lifted far higher, but also that many of the smaller boats had been dashed to pieces in their wake.

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