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    Climate change

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 05/01/2010

    » You will struggle to find anyone who has not heard the terms "climate change", "global warming" and "greenhouse effect". Recently, there was a climate change conference in Copenhagen. It was attended by many world leaders, who sadly didn't achieve much in the way of future reductions of carbon emissions. But what exactly is climate change? Let's explore the question.


    It's not easy being green!

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 12/01/2010

    » Kermit the Frog from the "Muppet Show" once sang a song entitled It's Not Easy Being Green, but I bet he didn't know how prophetic that statement would become!

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    Dysfunctional campaign

    Database, Published on 03/02/2010

    » Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced that he expects third generation phone service before New Year's Eve; he then announced why there probably won't be any; in a speech to mark the fifth anniversary of the Magnificent Seven National Telecommunications Commission, Mr Abhisit set out the conflicting criteria he expects to see in Asia's last, most dysfunctional 3G campaign: service before the end of the year after fair bandwidth auctions that favour small Thai telecom operators; on one hand, "3G services can no longer be postponed," he insisted, but on the other, the NTC must bias bidding to favour a more competitive structure; the English translation of this speech: DTac of Norway and AIS of Shingapore have way too much market power now and 3G contracts must show that.


    Revolution through theatre

    Outlook, Samantha Deavin, Published on 17/02/2010

    » The word revolution brings to mind mutiny and rebellion. While there are no guns blazing, revolution is exactly what Khru Chang, owner of Moradokmai Home School and founder of the Pathum Thani International Theatre Festival, is trying to achieve - one of the education system.


    Bayer hosts ecological 'bootcamp'

    Learningpost, Published on 23/02/2010

    » Once again, the Bayer Environmental Envoy Program, the organiser of worldwide Eco-Camps and a Germany-based intensive study tour - presented in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) since 2004 - is a smashing success!


    Education for All, with love

    Learningpost, Abigail Cuales Lanceta, Published on 09/03/2010

    » Education chiefs of Southeast Asia meet to renew bonds and the commitment to provide education for all.


    Sustainability Studies: A Must or just a Trend?

    Mylife, Wipa Pinyochotiwong, Published on 18/03/2010

    » About 40,000 Thai students travel overseas for further education each year. The majority, who are privately funded students, focus their choice of study on subjects related to business such as marketing, international business, finance, logistics, human resource etc. The lesser number of publicly funded students return home with degrees in science, education and subjects related to public services such as public health.


    Climate Cool

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 20/04/2010

    » Last month, 12 teams of over 30 environmentalists completed their projects to make changes to the environment under the first Climate Cool (CC) campaign organised by the British Council (BC) in collaboration with the British Embassy in Bangkok, Youth Venture Thailand, and a day magazine.

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    Completely in the dark

    Database, Published on 05/05/2010

    » The prime minister's TV show is called Having Confidence in Thailand but no one has much confidence in NBT Channel 11, the slavishly pro-government station; someone forced the station off the air for nine minutes just after the beginning of the Sunday morning show, and technical "experts" were in the dark about it, no pun intended; Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was just starting to explain his latest policy towards the red-shirt protesters when the screen went blank from what National Broadcasting Services of Thailand director Rattana Charonesak said was a stronger signal transmitted over the Channel 11 one; she admitted that she was completely in the dark about the incident, no pun intended.


    Bayer and friends teach conservation

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 01/06/2010

    » On a Saturday afternoon, a line of green-clad student naturalists walked under a scorching sun between a sugar cane field and a forest. They were headed to Khao Pasang community forest, which serves as a buffer between the cultivated land in Mae Poen district and the reserved forests of Mae Wong National Park, in Nakhon Sawan province. The district is about 300km north of Bangkok.

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