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    Debt-inequality trap risks being sprung any moment

    News, Sawai Boonma, Published on 05/11/2014

    » Last month, the International Monetary Fund issued its latest assessment of the global economy for 2014, lowering the growth rate from 3.7% projected in its previous assessment to 3.3%. The picture is less rosy despite better outlook for the United States - the largest engine of the world economy – that leads the Federal Reserve System to stop pumping massive amounts of money into the economy via quantitative easing, which totaled some $4.5 trillion over the past six years. Gloomier prospects for other economies have been attributed to continued feeble demand.


    As Buddhists, we needn't reach for the sky

    News, Sawai Boonma, Published on 02/10/2013

    » With cities racing to build ever taller buildings, the question arises as to how much of a skyscraper is actually usable space, and how much is designed to make it taller.


    Economy trapped in mire of corruption

    News, Sawai Boonma, Published on 04/09/2013

    » With growth stalling everywhere, including in the middle-income countries and especially the once high-flying Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grouping, discussions about the nature of the middle-income trap and how to get out of it have again come to the fore.

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