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    We didn't start the fire

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 10/03/2017

    » People, it's not even April yet, and the city feels as though it's been chosen as the launch site for the opening of the gates of hell. Stay cool and hydrated. Make this your daily mantra. This, we're serious about. But as you sip your sweet ice coffee under some air-conditioned refuge, we offer you a light-hearted recap of a few funny, exciting or random bits of news that are theoretical and totally scientific explanations of why this country is so ******* hot right now!

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    Alphabet addicts

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 25/11/2016

    » Do you love having your name or initials on things, like a notebook, mug, pen or a pen-pineapple-apple-pen? (Sorry, I just had to.) Or do you just find typography to be one of the most satisfying forms of visual art, whether or not the words, phrases or characters mean anything to you? We've gathered four brands that were born to fulfill your logophile needs.

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    Spirit animal

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 19/08/2016

    » Born in New York, Luke Satoru is a Japanese halfie who decided to give his Thai father's homeland a try 10 years ago for better opportunities. Fast-forward to today, Luke is an exhibiting artist, paints murals for hotels like the Shangri La and Rosewood, and owns a cool tattoo studio on Charoen Krung Road called Black Pig where he's the resident inker. We decided to invade his space for a chat about his personal journey from an art student in NYC to an accomplished family man and artist in BKK. It's a story involving rejection, pigs' heads and the Misfits. Read on.

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    When 80% is an A+

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 12/02/2016

    » A new nighttime eatery, owned by a pair of couples, has opened next to Charoen Krung's hip youth hub Old Town, sharing the enthusiasm for Bangkok's old town vibes. Its name, 80/20, is stylised on the facade in several ways. Searching for the restaurant at dinnertime, you'll first notice a small light box with the numbers in Thai digits, then "Eighty Twenty" in old school, golden lettering above a heavy set of wooden doors.

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    Workin' local 

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 08/01/2016

    » This is the time of year many of you reset your exercise clocks, which somehow managed to die on you midway through 2015, if not earlier. No biggie. You know the routine: get a new gym membership, set new -- or old -- goals and blow your cash on brand-new athletic gear to get you motivated.

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    Suriya’s emporium of wonders

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 30/10/2015

    » Frankly, there isn’t much to see in Pattaya. Once lusted-for beaches are now reputed for their tragic shape. Towns seem frozen in renovation or plain deserted, and the major attractions, now decades old, have long lost their lustre and intrigue. That’s why Suriya Music Art, a six-month-old music and antiques appreciation centre in Chon Buri’s Sattahip district, is a sign of hope for Pattaya tourism’s rebirth.

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    Easy streets

    Guru, Mika Apichatsakol, Published on 31/07/2015

    » Publications are always so keen on naming the top-whatever cities to live in or visit. We don't normally bother with such trivial and arbitrary lists, but we're tired of these articles completely overlooking the benefits of Bangkok. When talking about our fair city, people often (and unfairly) think of only two things -- traffic and the blasphemous industry of which we don't speak because we're a Buddhist country so we pretend it doesn't exist. That has to end. This week, we give you 10 reasons why living in Bangkok should be everyone's dream.

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