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    Marriage at any price

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 29/07/2018

    » My heart goes out to the jilted bride who made the news this week, left standing in her wedding dress in front of a crowd of well-wishers, having to explain that her future significant other had chosen insignificance.

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    Signs of the times

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 10/06/2018

    » A brand new community mall opened at the end of my soi in leafy Samut Prakan.

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    Shopping while farang

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 06/01/2019

    » It is the New Year. In the spirit of the holiday season, I notice the man behind me is holding a single bag of mangoes, so I say: "You go first."

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    Set the wheelchairs of change in motion

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 18/03/2018

    » Anybody doing business in Thailand has horror stories about red tape. Not a day goes by where I am not responsible for felling at least one tree from somewhere deep within a national park. Page after page, I sign the bottom of these utterly useless photocopied pages, in triplicate, one after the other, all the time either contemplating life or how to end it all and put myself out of this bureaucratic misery.

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    My beloved dog must suffer

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 19/11/2017

    » My beloved dog of 15 years is dying. His descent into canine dotage has been swift. Gone are the days when he bounded down the driveway to greet me at my front gate, tail wagging, jumping for joy, pawing and slobbering over my mid-priced Robinson slacks and Platinum Plaza work shirt.

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    Plastic addiction bags Pacific island

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 30/04/2017

    » With a morning meeting scheduled, I pop down to my local supermarket the night before to purchase a few bakery items. I make a habit of arriving at the bakery counter at 8.01pm because all baked goods enjoy a 25% discount from 8 o'clock onwards.

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    Never say never

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 20/11/2016

    » Being a company owner I am seldom wrong. Ask my staff -- when am I ever wrong? "Never," they will answer, with a stress on the "v" consonant, since I assume the role of a broken record for anyone who dares to drop a "naire-wer" in my vicinity. My staff will then give you an all-knowing glance when I am looking in the other direction, revealing crossed fingers from behind their backs.

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    Where there's smoke

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 06/03/2016

    » I have a staff member whose name is Jerd. Jerd is one of my information channels into the Thai working class. He used to raise his family on the minimum wage of 300 baht a day as a rubber plantation worker. Being a benevolent employee I naturally raised that figure substantially when I hired him, and these days he is earning that amount plus an extra four or five percent; the joys of a foreign employer.

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    The return of Chucky

    B Magazine, Andrew Biggs, Published on 07/02/2016

    » ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the cabin light will be dim. If you wish to keep on reading, please switch on the cabin light above you.”

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