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    The art of food

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 28/06/2019

    » MIO FOOD & ART ITALIAN Sukhumvit soi 53Visit, 02-258-5516

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    Holiday hangover

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 19/04/2019

    » Songkran may be over but if you're like me, you'd be suffering from a severe case of holiday hangover. As much as we'd all like to remain in limbo with no work or responsibilities to worry about, we all have to face reality and get back to our usual routines. But that doesn't mean we have to jump into being all hectic again. It's good to carve out some "me time" or time with a few friends to relax and chill, even it's for just a few hours and not the three days we were so generously given over Songkran. With good company, it's time to let your hair down for another new year (see what we did there?), have a good brunch while reading a book, chat over a few drinks or maybe go on a food and shopping trip. We've got a few new places that you'll want to check out.

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    Oriental simplicity

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 29/06/2018

    » On the 27th floor of 137 Pillars, Nimitr Restaurant is adorned beautifully in a regal dark blue that makes the entire place shine and shimmer. Add the high ceiling with modern lights and a fantastic view and you've got yourself a pretty snazzy and hip dining venue for lunch or dinner. Fancy dining in the open air? You can head out to the balcony where they've also got a bar. At first glance, you may think the place is a little swanky and that you're entering a high-class dining restaurant. Despite the feeling of sophistication the place brings up, Nimitr is not a hi-so dining establishment and actually wants you to sit back, relax and enjoy your meal. Besides, who would complain about having such a pretty place to dine in? It just means a lot of IG-worthy opportunities.

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    Eat around the clock

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 01/06/2018

    » One of the things Bangkok is known for is its food. Whether it is easily accessible street food or restaurants, which serve different cuisines in every corner of the city, the Big Mango is foodie heaven. However, something that the city doesn't have a lot of, as yet, are places that are open 24 hours. Sure, you can settle for pad thai or bamee on the street, but we don't like settling when it comes to food and what we eat. Fortunately, there are a number of places that are not just open around the clock, but also serve quality food. Gone are the days of having to eat microwaveable meals from the 7-Eleven because that's all there is. Here are four restos in Bangkok that are open 24/7.

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    Let's get geeky

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 20/04/2018

    » Whether you like it or not, geek is in. That's obvious from the plethora of superhero movies reigning at the box office and the TV series we follow and binge faithfully. And Bangkok isn't an exception. Geekiness is alive and well here in the Big Mango. That's pretty evident with the "letter" Major Cineplex released a few weeks ago that employees could use to give to their bosses to ask for the day off to watch Avengers: Infinity War (ours is already printed out and ready to go as well as our escape plan in case our boss chases us out of the office). Aside from that, Bangkok is going to show off its geek pride with a couple of events in the city. So ignite your lightsabers, produce 1.21 gigawatts, step into the Tardis, have your wands at the ready and sit in your captain's chair. Here are five events in Bangkok where geeks will thrive and fanboy/fangirl to the max.

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    Summer checklist

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 06/04/2018

    » The blistering heat and scorching sun has made it evident that summer is upon us. The bad news is that it's likely to get hotter from here on. The good news is that the city is going to be an all-out water war zone in a few weeks. Aside from that, there are plenty of things to do during this summer. But if you're scatterbrained like us, can't organise yourself and will probably end up lounging on the couch eating a tub of ice cream (which is not a bad idea, actually), you can stop fretting. We've compiled a summer to-do list for you.

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    Grownup playgrounds

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 03/11/2017

    » Let's all be honest for a second. This is a safe space. No one's judging anyone. Let's all admit this: when we look at kids' playgrounds, we adults also want in on the action. Who doesn't want to ride down that awesome tube slide? Or get lost in a sea of plastic balls? Or crawl into one of those tunnels? But hey, adults aren't allowed in kids' playgrounds because that's not what grownups are supposed to do -- and yes, the playground would probably not be able to handle an adult's weight. While we do agree that we as grownups shouldn't go playing in kiddie playgrounds, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have playgrounds of our own. This week, we've compiled a number of adult playgrounds (not the kind you're thinking) that we grownups can go to for a bit of fun and excitement.

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    Geek havens

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 25/08/2017

    » Any good superhero or supervillain has a good lair, a base of operations where they can keep tabs on their evil foes or scheme and plot world domination. Heroes have places like the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave or the Avengers Tower. On the flipside, villains have the Death Star, Latveria, Mordor... and the White House. All of these places would perhaps send geeks like us frothing in our mouths over excitement if we were able to visit them IRL, but alas, most are fictional. However, are there any places here in the Big Mango that could somehow make up for it? We're pleased to tell you that yes, there are. Fret no more, fellow geeks -- Guru has compiled a list of the geekiest places in town.

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