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    Bringing your UK pension to sunnier climes

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 01/02/2015

    » In our last article on UK private pension liberalisation, we looked at schemes in the UK and how they are affected by the latest government regulations. From April 6, 2015, any private pension scheme held in the UK may be liquidated and the entire pot withdrawn. While this is a very attractive option for many, the reality is that income tax will be levied on these proceeds at the individual’s marginal tax rate for that year. As a consequence, taking the pot in one go will not be as tax-efficient as taking staged drawdowns each year, or as required.

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    Do you have adequate retirement reserves?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 10/08/2014

    » Following the last Net Worth column, "Boom or bubble?", a number of readers asked questions about their personal situations and whether they had adequate retirement reserves. "Is there a bubble that is about to burst?" was the question that left many believing that they would be personally affected if that were to happen. In that light, if you are currently reliant on income from investments, are your reserves sufficient and should you be moving them to areas where they will be better protected?

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    US citizens take note: Fatca has landed

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 13/07/2014

    » After years of talk, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) is finally in effect. How will it affect you if you are a US citizen?

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    A boom or a bubble?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 27/07/2014

    » The world seems to be in a state of fervour with appreciating investment assets. Could the apparent nascent global economic recovery be disrupted by mere interest rate rises or even geopolitical threats? On the one hand everything appears to be chugging along very nicely in the boom. However, there are other influencing factors which many opt to overlook as most of the world joins the ever-growing herd stampeding onwards in their quest for wealth accumulation. Or are they really inflating a bubble?

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    Risk vs return — what to do next?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 29/06/2014

    » Yield investors beware! Are we talking bond yields or equity yields? How different are the two?

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    The intricacies of self-managed investing

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 01/06/2014

    » Many expats manage their own investment portfolios and in doing so experience varying degrees of results. It would be easy to measure these as success or failure, but investment decisions do not really result in success or failure — they are simply subject to consequences.


    The UK budget and the expat

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 06/04/2014

    » The recently announced UK budget has raised a number of eyebrows. Initial responses are mixed, as there are perceived tax disadvantages and pension advantages, so what do the changes really mean for expats?

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    A different view of property investments

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 09/02/2014

    » Property is a very popular long-term investment. This is because most expats own their home in their country of origin. It is thus second nature to be accustomed to property ownership. When living abroad one can find a multitude of different profitable investment opportunities, but property seems familiar; because of previous experience it gives investors a degree of comfort, helped further by its visible and physical presence.

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    Year the snake bit, but not fatally

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 29/12/2013

    » The Year of the Snake, 2013, has been mixed in many ways. We have witnessed some unexpected surprises while certain expectations have not come to fruition. Will this uneven trend continue into next year and beyond? Here is a recap of current trends and a look ahead.

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    Key strategies for wealth accumulation

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 10/11/2013

    » Becoming financially secure is so simple that almost no one wants to believe it: Save regularly, reinvest your interest and dividend income, maintain your contributions even during down cycles, and you will accumulate wealth. It is that simple.

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