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    Silence rewarded

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 05/11/2017

    » The prosecutor of Pattani province officially dropped the army's charges under the criminal defamation and Computer Crime Act laws against three civil rights veterans who had the audacity to detail 54 incidents of torture in the deep South and publish a book about them, entitled <i>Torture</i>.


    Searching for sanity

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 28/05/2017

    » It now is pretty much confirmed by all available sources that the world is nuts. Last week was just more proof piling up.

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    Facebook murders

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 30/04/2017

    » So now the sun never sets on countries where people have murdered in order to boost their Facebook followers.

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    You've been gouged

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 05/02/2017

    » How can we fleece you? Let me count the ways. That probably wasn't an unusual week, just a more transparent one.


    Big Brother's poll watch

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 10/06/2018

    » The next election, in 2019 or 2020 or so, will not be your grandfather's election. Or your mother's election or your elder sister's, either. Plans for the next election are more familiar to Cambodia's Hun Sen and survivors of Indonesia's late Suharto than to any Thai voter.


    Man for all reasons

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 16/07/2017

    » If you really were up against it, had to stop all the generalising and nonsense political talk and get down, really seriously down, to one set of reforms in one tough place that really, really needs reform, where would you choose?

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    Double tap confounded

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 14/05/2017

    » The images haunt. A mother, with a wounded face, clutches her daughter and hunkers down beside the detergent shelves. A blackened battery and two wheels, all that is left of the stolen pickup crammed with cooking gas cans. Social media simply taking over the corporate Facebook pages of Big C to post thousands of photos, videos and messages.


    The big issue: We must 'do something'

    Alan Dawson, Published on 10/01/2016

    » A police constable summed up the situation perfectly after tough enforcement failed to stem the New Year’s holiday road slaughter. “People are absolutely not getting the message,” the constable told reporters from a TV news station. In Toronto.


    The big issue: Card tricks

    Alan Dawson, Published on 20/12/2015

    » If the government has done one thing right since the army’s commanding general became the general prime minister, this wasn't it.


    The big issue: Are we graft-busting yet?

    Alan Dawson, Published on 30/11/2014

    » The charges allege that Thailand's most admired crime fighter, former Central Investigation Bureau chief Pongpat Chayapan, used his influence and a gang of insiders to run a massive corruption-and-violence operation. They allege the gang made so much money they literally could not spend it, and had to hoard it.

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