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    Lack of unity in drug sweep

    News, Editorial, Published on 28/02/2018

    » The government has launched yet another series of anti-drugs sweep aimed at taming the North. They are part of the decades-old campaign to wipe out trafficking in illicit drugs. Authorities came up with reports to the public that had a very tired look and feel. A one-month "massive" suppression campaign resulted in the arrests of 63 suspects, the seizure of many kilogrammes of drugs and the unsurprising discovery of some 241 million baht of "assets" -- cash, gold, cars and motorcycles, up-scale homes, land and condominiums.


    Road blocks of denial

    News, Editorial, Published on 10/06/2017

    » A wedding is supposed to be a joyful affair.


    EDITORIAL: Honour the King's legacy

    News, Editorial, Published on 14/10/2016

    » No words can describe the sense of loss, the grief and anguish, that Thais of all generations feel today as they mourn the death of beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX. The monarch was Father to the nation. His wise counsel took the country out of several deadly turns, his fortitude and devotion to human development were an inspiration to all.


    Mayor's reaction doubles his disgrace

    News, Editorial, Published on 31/07/2016

    » Ban Phai district municipality mayor Premsak Piayura should have explained what was happening in the photograph that led to questions over his suitability to hold public office, if the circumstances are as innocent as he says. Instead, his harassment of the reporters giving him a chance to explain himself has only deepened doubts about whether he is fit to hold his job.


    Dolls just one of many fads

    News, Editorial, Published on 28/01/2016

    » The concern voiced just a few days ago by Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya that the "angel child" or luk thep dolls might be used to smuggle drugs on board a commercial plane has been proven to be true.


    A tech deal that delivers

    News, Editorial, Published on 21/12/2015

    » The world's slowest negotiations have finally concluded with the signing of a deal to eliminate most trade tariffs on technology hardware. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) last week reached an agreement with 53 countries, and among the signatories is Thailand. The deal affects an estimated US$1.3 trillion in annual trade in a substantial variety of IT products. It will spur trade and development of technology in many areas, from home and office to futurist research laboratories.


    Schools need simple rules

    News, Editorial, Published on 21/08/2018

    » Another child has died needlessly because of the criminal ignorance of a deficient school transportation system. Three-year-old Nuran Adiya Ma was left locked in the school van when pre-kindergarten activities began last Wednesday at her Bamrung Muslim School in Pattani. The terrible result was revealed when her mother arrived to pick her up in mid-afternoon. The van driver is under arrest, the school head and teachers are shocked, the family is grieving.


    Roads in parks must be tamed

    News, Editorial, Published on 08/07/2018

    » Another endangered wildlife animal, a male Asiatic black bear, has fallen victim to a road accident in the Khao Yai-Tab Lan forest.


    Time for BMA to get on its bike

    News, Editorial, Published on 03/06/2018

    » At a glance, today would seem like a big day for cyclists taking part in the inaugural World Bicycle Day. More than 1,000 bicyclists will form a procession, which will start at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's lan khon muang and then proceed to the United Nations office on Ratchadamnoen Avenue.


    Disrupting disruption

    News, Editorial, Published on 19/05/2018

    » Two recent court rulings on short-term condominium rentals in Hua Hin via Airbnb should not be seen as the beginning of the end of online home-sharing platforms.

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