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    Getting to know holistic medicine

    Life, Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Published on 20/01/2015

    » Holistic medicine, in short, means taking into account all aspects of health — the body, mind and emotions, to ensure optimal health and balance. We can only be healthy when every aspect of our life is balanced. Diseases, whether of the body or the mind, are often caused by imbalance.

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    Eating to fight stress

    Life, Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Published on 04/11/2014

    » Many of us reach for fatty, sugary food when we are under stress or having a tiring day. Even the strictest eaters can slip from time to time. Don't feel bad or blame yourself — it's our hormones at fault.

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    The power of soy

    Life, Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Published on 18/02/2014

    » A balanced diet is vital for the body, whether you are a sports player, recovering from an illness, or just looking to maintain good health. However, each person needs different nutrients based on their activities, age, weight, height and strength.

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    Heart-healthy food

    Life, Dr Nithi Mahanonda, Published on 24/04/2012

    » Recently, soya protein has become all the rage because it is said to carry loads of health benefits. However, people often resort to supplementary pills rather than natural sources such as soya milk or tofu.

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