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    New wave of education after the tsunami

    Learningpost, Fraser Morton, Published on 05/01/2010

    » The soft pitter-patter of footsteps across a dusty Phuket playing field is followed by a cacophony of giggles as a group of students - the girls dressed in blue and white and the boys kitted out in khaki - skip to their English class at Kalim School.

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    Freedom of speech vs Chinese business

    Database, James Hein, Published on 03/02/2010

    » Google has finally started to stand up for freedom of information on the Internet and told China it would no longer be filtering search results there.


    The dark side of Thailand

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 28/03/2010

    » There is an ad on Thai TV at the moment for a product that whitens your armpits. That's right. Your armpits. That's all; nothing else. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. It's an ad for a roll-on deodorant, but the main thing is not that you smell nice. Rather, your underarms will be white.

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    Vague on the specifics

    Database, Published on 07/04/2010

    » The new, improved Magnificent Seven promised there will be third-generation phone service in Thailand by next year - or so; new National Telecommunications Commission member Suranant Wongwittayakamchorn pointed out that all he and six colleagues have to do is (1) hold the 3G auction and (2) hold back political interference; after all, he said, it is important that the NTC must be independent, even if the Office of the Attorney-General and the Lawyers Association of Thailand agree that the NTC doesn't even have authority to handle the 3G auction before the first National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Board is set up.

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    Flying off the shelves

    Database, Published on 07/04/2010

    » Incredible excitement, just unbelievable anticipation, as the date approached when, for between $499 and $829 (16,200 to 26,900 baht in real money) you could not just touch a Newton II slate computer, but actually own it; Apple reportedly sold out of the second version of the tablet, now renamed to iPad, which still has no known use but seems to be set to be flying off the shelves; as noted, you are far too foreign to have one just yet.

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    Unplugged, unbearable

    Database, Published on 05/05/2010

    » Sounds like a joke: An Apple iPhone prototype walks into a bar.... but that's about what happened when the now infamous engineer Gray Powell took the new iPhone G4 model to a party in a bar in Redwood City, California - and left it there; tech blog Edgadget shot photos of the left-behind gizmo, and then Gizmodo upped the ante (literally) by buying the phone for $5,000 to test it, or about 165,000 baht in real money; the joke was on everyone, since the phone had really not much interesting stuff; Mr Powell was presumably reprimanded but retained, at least for now. Not so lucky was another Apple engineer who showed Apple founder Steve Wozniak the iPad when it was still under wraps - for two minutes; as a result, every horrible story about Steve "President for Life" Jobs was proved when the engineer was fired, because the Woz had no right to know what was in the iPad.


    Universal energy

    Mylife, Anjira Assavanonda, Published on 13/05/2010

    » Thunyawat Teerachetmongkol once suffered from an allergy that made his life very uncomfortable. Today, however, he is in good health and looks younger than his age of 50 years-plus. The illness turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led him to a new way of self-healing: the use of vital energy to bring back the balance to his health and others.

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    Big dogs' sudden exit

    Database, Published on 02/06/2010

    » The definitive and most authoritative study on whether cellphones cause cancer was released by the World Health Organisation; WHO spent $14 million (455 million baht) in 13 countries (not including Thailand) and followed thousands of people around for 10 years to see if they got cancer; the study was clear: some people got cancer, many didn't, including people who used phones a lot, didn't use phones at all, or used phones sometimes; because of this important result, the WHO will take another $25 million (813 million baht) from you to do a bigger study; what could have happened is that WHO could have asked a scientist specialising in electromagnetic radiation if there is a chance that cellphones (or, more generally, electromagnetic radiation) can cause cancer and (s)he would reply for free: ''No, and here's why....'' but that would deny hundreds of form-fillers their monthly payments.

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    Digital and holistic health

    Database, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 14/07/2010

    » As one of Thailand's last remaining free cancer treatment centres, the Arokhayasarn building in Wat Khampramong, situated in Sakon Nakhon's Phanna Nikhom district, has offered palliative care to almost 2,000 patients to date, combining alternative therapy, Chinese traditional medicine and modern Western care.


    As old as time

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 21/09/2010

    » There are some staggeringly old living things on earth. This article will explore these organisms, although the definition of "oldest" can vary according to how you look at it.

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